UAAP Volleyball: Kungfu Reyes mourns ‘unfavorable call’ to Atenio for UST’s loss

UST coach Kung Fu Reyes.  UAAP pictures

UST coach Kung Fu Reyes. UAAP pictures

MANILA, Philippines – University of Santo Thomas coach Kung Fu Reyes on Tuesday lamented the 20-25, 20-25, 20-25 official loss to Atenio at the UAAP Season 84 Women’s Volleyball Tournament at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Reyes called what he said a “bad call” because the US saw his four-game winning streak snatched away by Atenio, who handed over the first three sets of the season.

“Presumably, we should give some points. We have a lot of adverse calls, “said the UST coach in the Filipino shortly after the game. “Many of us were called for doubles, but our opponents were not getting those calls. [Vanie] Gandler’s hit that crossed the antenna even scored for the opponent. The performance was very frustrating.

“It simply came to our notice then. It should not be a game because we are working hard for every point, “he added. “I told you, it’s just noon, it’s good, the game is ugly, the call is ugly (the game was ugly, the calls were ugly).”

In addition to his duties, Reyes admitted that his ward had an off-game with Eya Laure, who averaged 22.8 points per game in the first round, and was limited to just 14 at a speaking rate of 38 for 38.

The Tigers also made 16 mistakes.

“Every time we got the lead, we made mandatory errors and service errors. In the second and third sets, the speed was in our favor but our shortcomings stopped it, ”he said.

Reyes hopes the officers will have a better and fairer call as they move closer to the tail-end of the elimination round.

“They must promise to do their job. And be sharp when making calls. Because our coaches and players can see what is happening. But you can’t challenge it because it’s their verdict, “he said.

The longtime UST coach wants his Tigers to go ahead and come back against the Lady Spykers in La Salle, will fight for a breakup advantage as they are in second place with the same 7-3 record.

“This game was not for us. We accepted it. Don’t act anymore. I believe my players will come back strong and solve their weaknesses, “he said.

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