Tuesday with Gorny: Five questions after a big weekend in Las Vegas

Covering a job for a living means trying to find answers, where prospects will play their college ball, and how to rank them most accurately with a laser focus on expected college performance and NFL draft positioning.

Many in the industry have these answers. But sometimes after covering the events, ego and perfect certainty pop up and go after more questions.

Following a fully loaded OT7 event in Las Vegas over the past few days, the National Recruitment Director of Rivals Adam Gorny After seeing many elite recruits at the same event have some new questions to ask – and find out –

Is Nico Imaleva the best quarterback in the 2023 class?

There are four quarterbacks in the top nine nationally, which means we really like this quarterback class, and the current order of the five stars is Arch Manning, Malachi Nelson, Nico Imaleva and then Dante Moore.

We talked about endless manning so we didn’t have to go there especially since he wasn’t at the OT7 event but Iamaleava was great over the weekend and outscored Nelson during their matchup on Friday night.

Long Beach (Calif.) Polly quarterback who is committed to Tennessee not only flashed throws but also patiently and methodically led his team to the field against the South Florida Express and did not let the moment come under his control.

Imleva has been on the field for the past one year. Everything doesn’t have to be a highlight-reel, a deep throw that sometimes hits its receiver or goes out of bounds. He is smarter, more aware, more patient and this has added another element to his game. Also, Imaleva is a whimsical athlete who was also a volleyball star and the talent in her hands is unquestionable.

The quarterback situation will end on its own as we go through this recruitment cycle. Manning has incredible talent, potential and offspring. Nelson is a surgeon who is going to a perfect offense for his skills at USC. Moore was also awesome all weekend in Vegas and then others could join that elite five-star status.

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And is Dante Moore second in the QB rankings?

Dante Moore

Dante Moore

Moore is not about flash, he is about matter. He’s not all about hype and sometimes bringing the biggest spotlights, he’s about delivering strikes to his receivers, being trained by Cam Newton on his C1N team and getting better.

What I like about him and why sometimes it’s hard to believe he could be the fourth-best quarterback in this class. Undoubtedly it’s a full load group but Moore is one of those people, late in a game, you want the ball in his hands because he doesn’t seem to have pressure in the world and he will systematically win games and defend against torture while doing so. It is

All of this leads to the above question: Are there really three good quarterbacks in the class? He may not score the fastest 40 runs from Manning, Nelson or Imleva and Imaleva will almost certainly test the best but Moore is a perfect passer who makes accurate calls in almost every game which is impressive to watch.


Is Jaden Rashada a five star quarterback?

Jaden Rashad

Jaden Rashad

At the moment, we are in 1923 five-star in 2023 class. We will try to reach 32 to emulate the first round of NFL draft but we will not push it if we do not think it necessary. Pittsburgh, California, four-star quarterback Jaden Rashada could be essential to that elite group.

After visiting the country just a few weeks ago, Rashada was looking strong at the Steve Clarkson QB Retreat and then looking absolutely awesome at the OT7 event last weekend. It helped that four-star receiver Jalen Brown, Jurian Dickey and others played with him for the Miami Immortals but he was still great.

Rashadar has all the arm talent in the world but the most impressive was his ball placement and touching hard passes in the outstretched arm of linebackers and defensive backs. A four-star series, very talented and at least a five-star quarterback should enter the discussion.


Is Brandon Inis the best receiver in the class?

Brandon Inis

Brandon Inis

In the final 2023 rankings, it was decided to flip Colonel Tate into the No. 1 receiver in the class and take Brandon Inis to second place. It certainly wasn’t a fall for Inis who was more than tough in every event this offseason. It was intended to reflect Tate’s special abilities as an external receiver.

But I’m not sure it was the right decision. An event doesn’t make a ranking but I thought Inis was definitely more productive in Las Vegas and he kept showing right who he is – a guy who can be open against anyone, who can catch everything and is so consistent that it’s hard to keep up. Off him that number 1 line.

The Tate is longer and possibly bigger playing ability, the Highcom Williams is the big outside receiver and the Zakaria Branch is the undersized speedster that will beat anyone in space but Inis is the most consistent and open all the time. It may seem to us that he has to go back to No. 1 but there is still no guarantee.


Is Ryan Wingo the No. 1 receiver in 2024?

Ryan Wingo

Ryan Wingo

This is going to be an interesting debate in the coming years. Ryan Wingo was very impressive in Las Vegas from a physical point of view and from a production standpoint so he will not go down in the rankings in any way. But there is a guy named Jeremiah Smith who can push Wingo 100 percent for that No. 1 receiver ranking in 2024.

Smith, from Hollywood (Fla.) Chaminade Madonna, plays on the same South Florida Express team as Inis, Tate, Williams, Joshisa Trader, and others, but he doesn’t get random, playing some big-piece dramas over the weekend Should be considered for. It’s early but now I can see that these two are competing for the top spot especially since KJ should be transferred to Bolden Athlete.

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