Tuesday with Gorney: Position-by-position in the new 2023 rankings

Another round of rankings for the 2023 class is being published this week and the National Recruitment Director of Competitors Adam Gorny He has his thoughts on the new competitor 250. Here is a breakdown of what he saw with Gorny on Tuesday this week:

2023 Ranking Class: Competitors 250 | Team


2023 Rivals Ranking Week:

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Monday: Five Star Countdown | Should Samson Okunlola be number 1? | Meet the new five stars

Tuesday: Rival 250 Published | The biggest risers

Wednesday: Offensive position ranking published

Thursday: Defensive position ranking published

Friday: Final state ranking published



Arch Manning

Arch Manning (Rival.com)

This pro-style quarterback group may go down as the best – and deepest – in recent memory because we’ve seen almost all of them in the last few months and there have been some impressive performances. Arch Manning doesn’t do any national events but we stopped at his school for the spring ball and he continues to be really impressive. The other three five-star quarterbacks – USC Commit Malachi Nelson, Tennessee Promise Nico Imaleva and Detroit Martin Luther King’s Dante Moore – continue to push him.

I haven’t sold any other five-star quarterbacks in this class but I’m warming up to that idea especially after Steve Clarkson committed Clemson to Christopher Vigina at the QB Retreat. He was outstanding and then Pittsburgh, California, potentially Jaden Rashada and Oklahoma Jackson Arnold are also within significant distance. I’m still not sure if Alabama promises Eli Holstein or Baylor Austin Novosad, but I’m keeping a close eye on both.

The 2023 quarterback class could come up with surprisingly good and higher rankings.


Running back

Justice Haynes

Justice Haynes

Being at the top of the running back rankings is my hardest time because Justice Haynes is probably the best one, Ruben Owens is the most versatile and Richard Young is the best. This is going to be a tough call as this recruitment cycle continues and the position is specifically considered to determine if there is a five-star prospect that has recently been downgraded to the NFL Draft.

The player I am most interested in and who might be the surprise for this whole class is Jeremiah Love of St. Louis (Md.) Christian Brothers, who had impressive stats last year but not a blockbuster because he shared the ball with other running backs. I actually like it because Love has more walking on the tire and her legs can stay fresh longer. Michigan and Notre Dame seem to be fighting for it, but the recent tour of Georgia was also good.


Wide receiver / tight end

It remains to be seen how the broader receiver rankings will end, but there has been a shift to the top as Colonel Tate occupies No. 1 and Brandon Inis, who is still insanely talented, is now at No. 2. The new five-star Hikim Williams and Zakaria Brunch are completely different players but they have production similarities and they feel like no-brainers after seeing them countless times this spring.

Where do we stay from here? I want to see Shelton Sampson at some events this offseason to see if we’ve been too strict to drop him from five-star status or if it’s just that he’s fallen a bit. One receiver I hope to see more of this offseason is Jalen Brown of Miami (Fla.) Gulliver Prep, who mixes production with elite speed and is one of my favorite types of receivers.

There was some minor movement at the tight end but it would be hard to push Dus Robinson from line number 1 and I wonder if he will end up as a five-star prospect. An elite talent with incredible physical equipment who is a star baseball player, Robinson special.

Georgia promise Pierce Sperlin certainly caught our attention and although Jackson Howard doesn’t do many national events, I wonder if he’s a little underrated at No. 5 in the position.


Offensive line

I wouldn’t oppose the talk of taking Samson Okunlola to the No. 1 offensive tackle in class, especially when he looks great at many events this offseason, including this one. Rival Camp Series In Philadelphia. Although I broke up because I first pressured Cadin Proctor to become a five star and I liked him in the movie. He is such a physical specimen and walks so well that it would be an ongoing discussion. I also think Francis Mauigoir has the chop to move on to a five-star prospect and we see more people from Ohio State committing to Luke Montgomery through this cycle he can join that team.

I don’t find a lower ranking anywhere else for TJ Shanahan Jr. because he has shown over and over again over the years – even when he didn’t need to – to kick the butt and get the name out, and never back down from anyone. The Austin (Texas) Westlake standout dominates almost every one of its representatives. What else can Shanahan show to prove that he is a five star prospect and the number one internal offensive lineman in the class? There could be a touch of under-ranking at No. 6 in Harris Sewell’s position and the more I see DJ Chester in the camp circuit the more I like him.


Defensive line

Jaden Wayne

Jaden Wayne

Starting with a strong defensive edge, the top is likely to change significantly as we get to see these people more personally in the summer and especially at All-Star events. We like David Hicks Jr. and Jaden Owen a lot and that’s why they’re a five-star prospect. And it just seems to be getting better.

On the defensive side from the weak side, Samuel M’Pemba is the new No. 1 player in that position and he is one of the best looking prospects in the whole class. I still think Keon Keeley is a great player and a five-star recruit but we would love to see him at more national events to challenge himself against the best of the best. Chandvian Bradley and Caldrick Falk will also be closely watched, as their athleticism and length are really different.

Defensive tackle is also a position of flux, because Jamal Jarrett was so huge and influential. Rival camp Charlotte that he could push for position No.1. Jason Moore is hanging out and although it’s not an elite group across the board, there are others who could emerge and Cayden McDonald could be one of those people.



Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill (Rival.com)

Denton (Texas) is the only five star in Ryan’s Anthony Hill group but I’m certainly not against the consideration of others as we go through the recruitment cycle with owner Bryant and Notre Dame Drake Bowen as the main contenders.

Toussaint Akana is a really interesting possibility who could also be Edge Rasha. Then I have a look at Braylan Shelby and Derion Gullette from Texas who have both come up in this new ranking cycle but still may not be high enough.


Defensive back

Xavier Toviano

Xavier Toviano (Rival.com)

Javin Toviano has risen to five-star status and I would love to go down in the rankings after reviewing his junior film again but it would be hard to top as the No. 1 cornerback in the Kormani McClean class. The Lakeland, Fla., Prospects are so smooth, so talented, and so innate that Toviano is a hit but not above McClean. The guy I want to see more of is Alabama Jahlil Hurley committed but Florence, Ala., Recruiters have not done many national events yet.

There is an ongoing debate over whether Caleb Downs is a five star. My vote was yes but Mill Creek (Ga.) Hoschton has a high four-star at the moment. Derek Williams has risen to that level but we have yet to name a five star safety in class. Joel Aguero is a great looking kid we’ve seen Rival camp In Philadelphia, however, he did not work.



Nichols Harbor

Nichols Harbor (Rival.com)

Nyckoles Harbor ranks seventh nationally and we may regret not elevating him. He’s extremely tall but Washington (DC) Archbishop Carol Standout is such an insane athlete and a track superstar that it’s hard not to keep him in the top five because he’ll absolutely blow up NFL GM socks in the combine. He also had 17 sacks last season and although it wasn’t against great competition, it was still significant.

Malachi Coleman has also risen to the top four-star rankings and whether he plays Wide Receiver or Edge Rasha, Lincoln (Neb.) East will make an impact.

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