Top-50 prospects Kavion Henderson details top competitors, summer visits

The Atlanta rival camp has featured many top recruiters in the southeast. One such possibility is Kavion Henderson.

The weakest defensive edge from Alabama in the 2024 class is the No. 18 overall prospect. Opponents catch him Rival Camp Series To discuss the program standing in Atlanta, the schedule of his upcoming summer tour and much more.

On the schools that stand out the most at the moment: “I really like Miami, Texas A&M, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia, many schools, Cincinnati. ”

Auburn: “I like (Edge linebacker coach) Rock Belantoni), The way he hires me, the way he puts me and my family to watch movies. I was blessed to be in that position. I really like it about her. “

What Belantoni likes about his game: “The way I use my speed, my hands. He told me to look at (Derrick) Hall, I got his number. I think I would be a versatile person for them because I’m playing linebacker this year, out and in the middle. I want them The way they roll, the way they did it. “

In Miami: “D-Ends Coach, (Rod Wright), He is a great coach. (Defensive end coach Joe Salve’a), He is hiring me strictly. They have merged. I really like them. I look forward to seeing them this summer. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. That’s great, I love it. I’m ready to visit this summer. “

On Georgia: “Georgia blended in with me early. They and Michigan blew up my assignment, so I like that they came first. It’s a big team that came first, so I’ve been liking them since ninth grade. It was the coach.”Scott Kochran), Then the coach (Dan) LanningI’ve talked to all of them, Coach (Kirby) Smart Too much. ”

Outside New Georgia, linebacker coach Chidera Uzo-Diribe: “I also saw the film with him. He communicates with me very quickly after going there. He brings a lot of energy, what he did at TCU. He is surrounded by good players like Nolan Smith. His energy is outside the walls. I like him a lot. ”

Texas A&M: “What (head coach) Jimbo Fisher) Did with the class, as you say, recruiting, he blew it off this year’s chart. It has blossomed a lot of people. A lot of people are saying things, but they’re hiring well and I hope they do the same for me. ”

If NIL is part of the pitch of Texas A&M: “Honestly, they haven’t brought it to me yet. I’ve talked to LT Overton. I asked him about it and he said no, it was straightforward they just hired well.”

In Cincinnati: “I like Cincinnati. Coach (Gino Guidugli), Quarterback coach, he is hiring me strictly. I talk to their D-line coach (Walter Stewart) I think this could be my first visit, June 2. ”

Summer visits: “I know I’m going to Cincinnati, Miami, North Carolina, Arkansas and LSU.”

Henderson is dropping the list of top schools soon. The schools on this list need to be improved. LSU is a school for surveillance. When referred to by the Tigers, he referred to them as “school of dreams.” A successful visit to Baton Rouge this summer could take LSU to the top of its ranks.

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