Top 2024 LB Sammy Brown Updates Busy Recruitment

It’s easy to see why Sammy Brown is one of the top prospects in the 2024 class.

His sizes are 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds, and the linebacker also has impressive athleticism, starring on Georgia Jefferson High School tracks.

Despite being more than a year away from the promise, Brown is already being followed by some of the country’s top programs. Georgia, Clemson, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan State and others are involved for Brown.

Opponents could discuss his appointment with Brown and the schedule of his summer tour.

On Oklahoma: “It’s really like Clemson. They’ve got the same mentality as Clemson. I call it Clemson 2.0 because half the staff came from Clemson, they got the same mentality as Clemson. So it’s really the same. As Clemson, just keep working, the better.” Stay tuned, focus on the high school ball right now but keep that in mind. I went there this spring, I got the offer just before the Georgia Elite game last December. (Brent) Venables I got the job. “

At Clemson and is earning an offer from the Tigers this spring: “It was really amazing. I didn’t expect it at all. But at the same time it’s like an inspiration. … A lot of people don’t get it. It inspires me to live up to that standard.”

Message from Clemson: “They want me to be Inside Backer, Mike or Will. They said I might be able to start their spring game this spring. They really like me and they’re really hard on me.”

About her mother’s connection to Tennessee: “He grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee, about an hour and a half away. He’s become a fan of Tennessee.”

What she likes about volunteers: “(Josh Huppel Has) turned out to be really using the program as a competitor. They’re going to be a sleeper next year. They really have a good shot to do something. I really like what he is doing, I like their culture. Players don’t really win games and it has a lot to do with all of this. They care more about the players. When you care more about the players, the victory is about to come. They really care about the players, not the win-lose. ”

In a message he heard from Georgia: “Just keep getting better. They really like me and they’re really hard for me right now. It’s just about getting better and making sure that what I really care about right now is what the high school ball does.” (Schumann) There was the same conversation Large (stark) – Just focus on the high school ball, consider college but don’t get into it unless you need to. ”

Due to being a high school teammate with Stark, who ended up in Georgia: “Yeah, (Stark’s) really helped Georgia and how they work. I’ve been able to talk to her about playing for them in college, not just the recruitment process. It’s really transparent. It’s not like they talk about recruitment and Then it’s the complete opposite. They’re really transparent when it comes to recruitment. ”

May 21 tour of Georgia: “Yesterday something like this was the reality of the trip for me. I was able to sit down and talk (inside the linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator) Glenn Schumann) A lot. She’s really genuine. He is going to be very transparent no matter what. He’s going to tell me directly and that’s something I really appreciate because if I go there I don’t want to get anything completely different from what he said. I really appreciate its clarity and authenticity. “

In the state of Ohio: “They’re different. It’s a different kind of tradition. It’s almost like a really big high school. They have a peep rally and what I thought was really great. It’s a different kind of culture, but at the same time, they play fast, they’re just as physically fit as anyone else.” Plays. ”

Whether being away from home is a factor: “No. When we moved to Ohio State, it took us a long time to drive from home to the airport, it took a long time to fly there. Flying is not really a problem. It’s definitely closer to home than people think.”

His commitment to the timeline: “I will probably get the top five this time next year and then make some promises, such as an official visit in the summer and then some time before the start of the season.”

Georgia, Clemson and Tennessee seem to be the three favorites for Brown at the moment. He really appreciates the attention he is getting from those schools. Clemson extended an earlier offer than usual for a 2024 prospect, and Schumann represented Georgia on his state track meet. Ohio State and Oklahoma are two more strong competitors. Brown wants to go to places he hasn’t seen this summer, such as schools in Notre Dame, Michigan State and Texas A&M. He hopes to see a “slipper” in the state of North Carolina, because he likes what Wolfpack is doing.

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