Top 10 Unexpected 2023 QB Promises Forecast

Summer inspections are taking shape and recruiters are coming off the board all the time. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 unexpected quarterback recruits in 2023 as we begin a two-week series looking at each position.

The No. 1 player in the 2023 class will be busy in June. Manning will end the month June 3-5 in Georgia, June 10-12 in Alabama and June 17-19 in Texas. LSU was also in its spring game and there was some talk of a trip to Florida but I was told that all three trips were being planned, which meant it was basically a three-team race until Manning decided.

Manning likes the success of Athens and Georgia, he has a reasonably good relationship with the Texas position coach AJ Milwaukee With the coach Steve Sarkisian, And the dominance of Alabama fascinates him. It’s basically down to just those three.

Prediction: Texas


Notre Dame Moore’s appointment still seems to have a slight edge due to South Bend’s academic side and his longstanding relationship with the offensive coordinator / QB coach. Tommy Reese. But others are getting stronger and are not being pushed back.

A recent tour of LSU has clearly stood out as the Moore coach knows Brian Kelly Playing at the SEC has become more of a draw since his time at Notre Dame Plus. An Oregon tour has been good but that still feels like a little bit of a long shot. Michigan was behind, but the Wolverines are back in the fray after spending time at An Arbor with Moore’s position coach. Matt Weiss And it went really well as the two hit it off.

Prediction: Our lady


Alabama has statistics on Holstein’s appointment as a far-fetched leader, but he has yet to make a promise that leaves room for speculation. The former Texas A&M promise also looks to Florida and has a strong relationship with the coach. Billy Napier And his staff.

Ohio State, Oregon and LSU continue to reach out and try to get those programs involved but at the moment it would be very surprising if the four star from Zachary, LA did not finish this Crimson Tide recruitment class.

Prediction: Alabama


A commitment is coming June 18 and LSU, Oregon, Florida, Ole Miss, Miami, Cal and Texas A&M are in the final seven in the four-star quarterback from Northern California. It feels like a two-team race although the ducks show the way and then are still very interesting because of its connection to the Miami coach. Mario Cristobal.

Oregon can be difficult to overcome, although the Pac-12 seems to have the power edge. Ole Miss is also interested in him and others look like long shots, but he still has some time left before he makes a decision.

Prediction: Oregon


The top five four-star quarterbacks from Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Stanford and Ohio State have emerged, but it should come down to the Gamecocks and the Cardinals. South Carolina is on edge at the moment as Snellville (Ga.) Meets with Brookwood standout football and baseball coaching staff, takes a serious approach to learning more about the Gamecocks, and its official visit from June 10-12 may seal it.

But Stanford is big and still cannot be counted from both academic and athletic perspectives.

Prediction: South Carolina


The Kansas State Maze looks great for a four-star quarterback from Cannes, and it could end there with the Wildcats’ promise. Easy enough. But there could be a lot more dynamic at the moment and Johnson could be the top priority if Oregon hits Jaden Rashada and Dante Moore.

That could make things very interesting. Notre Dame could be in the same situation if Moore goes elsewhere and the Irish return to Johnson. Pete, Virginia and Washington to see the other three.

Prediction: Kansas State


A bunch of Ivy League programs are following Madison (Miss) Madison Central which is the toughest, including Yale and Harvard. Then there are schools, including ULM, FAU, Memphis and Buffalo.

Last season, Sutton threw for 1,653 yards, including 17 touchdowns and three interceptions, and ran for five more scores.

Prediction: Harvard


Southlake (Texas) Carroll decided to leave early for Queen Years College after being thrown into the fire, and Anderson responded with a huge junior season where he threw for 3,036 yards with 34 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

His appointments have not stopped with offers from Bowling Green and Houston Baptists, but Wyoming, San Diego State, Sam Houston State, Stephen F. Lots of programs, including Austin and Texas, are showing interest.

Prediction: Bowling green


His birth name is Auburn Brock Glenn so following the Tigers ’recent proposal, the SEC program is being seriously considered. There are several connections to the Memphis (Tenn.) Lausanne Collegiate School Standout program.

Others, of course, are still running, as Glenn is coming on a good tour of the TCU, and the horned frogs have now merged with the states of Missouri and Mississippi. Virginia has also begun to be involved in Glenn’s recruitment.

Prediction: Auburn


The surprise about Wisdom is that from a statistical point of view he had a remarkable junior season but did not find much interest in recruitment. Springdale (Arch.) Shiloh Christian stood out for 2,991 yards with 36 touchdowns and 10 interceptions and ran for 1,021 yards and 18 more scores last season.

But Tulane is the only program that has to offer at the moment because UCF is not really mixed for its services. Maybe another monster season will see things grow on some teams recruiting front as some teams look to Wisdom in the quarterback and others look to the receiver.

Prediction: In comparison

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