Top 10 performers in the rival camp series event so far

Throughout 2022 Rival Camp Series We have kept a running leaderboard of the top performers from the Camp series so far. With the Philadelphia rival camp last weekend, seven of the eight regional camps are in the book.

Here’s a look at the top 10 Rival Camp Series So far the actors.


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Long Beach (Calif.) Poly Five-Star quarterback and Tennessee Los Angeles rivals have messed up camp dates, so he’s on the run. But it did not affect his performance. Iamaleava has shown his skill – as he has in every event – because he has great shape and an amazing arm and he is still the No. 1 performer.

He had excellent precision that day and a charisma that the receiver also liked. Five-Star is smooth, capable and not only wants to perform at the highest level, it is also fun to do. Everything in his game looks very normal.

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2. WR Zakaria Branch, Los Angeles RCS

The branch is so moving and elusive with the ball in its hand across all its routes and then it is almost inappropriate to ask a cornerback of an island to stay with it during one route after another. In the camp settings, the branch is run only by people and uses its elite speed to its advantage.

The USC is very shift and fast to deliver on its promise and he is stronger than one might expect, so the angles in the line cannot be physical with him.

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Okunlola’s performance on Sunday was one of the best offensive line performances at a camp in recent memory. The giant offensive tackle has impressive speed for its size, which shows the ability to change direction fast enough to keep the defensive lineman in front of it.

Not only does he bring size and speed to the table, but Ocunlola also has outstanding power. He removed a defensive lineman from his leg with one hand during 1-on-1 and his base did not move. Okunola does an incredible job of playing with really tough leverage and ensures the timing of his punches is just right.


4. DE JAHKEEM Stuart, New Orleans RCS

We’ve written this before, but it’s worth saying again: it’s hard to believe that Stuart isn’t in high school yet, because if he were a member of the 2023 class, he would be in talks for at least a five-star ranking.

The Reserve (La.) East St. John defensive lineman is 6-foot-5, 280 pounds and he is so advanced with his rice and how he uses his weapon for leverage. He was irresistible against some pretty talented offensive linemen at the New Orleans stop. Stuart will be a superstar and easily a national recruit.


5. OL TJ Shanahan, Dallas RCS

Every time Shanahan shows up somewhere he is extremely competitive, tough, physical and wants to impose his will on everyone in his path. That’s how the five-star offensive lineman performed at a rival camp in Dallas – and that’s how the Austin (Texas) Westlake prospect played out year after year.

He can play offensive tackles, but he’s probably better at mixing and having that commanding physical strength. The SEC team up and down the line, among others, is giving him a big priority.


6. OL Payton Kirkland, Miami RCS

Kirkland had an outstanding performance at the Miami rival camp as he could see that he was getting in better shape and this was really seen in one part after another. Four Star was quick to enter his set at Snap and using his great length and powerful punch ensured that the defensive linemen were not able to go quarterback.

Due to his perfect size and wing spread, it will be difficult for almost any defensive lineman to beat him on the way inside the quarterback.


7. QB Malachi Nelson, Los Angeles RCS

If there’s one steady playmaker who can turn the cerebral, genius, and power into his game, it’s Nelson – and that’s what he showed at the rival camp in Los Angeles. The USC promise shows everything effortlessly, as if nothing bothers him and no throw really challenges him so much.

His strategy is great, with his decision making. There is so much to like about Nelson’s game.

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8. OL Jordan Seaton, Philadelphia RCS

Seaton is already one of the top offensive linemen in the 2024 class and it shows during his performance at the Philadelphia rival camp on Sunday. The possibility of an internal offensive line has improved its overall strength and has become a much more patient pass blocker.

Seaton knows how to play with tough leverage and has done a great job of stopping defensive linemen on their track one at a time. He’s still working to change his body a bit, but he has the speed to be able to keep defensive linemen out of the backfield. Seaton’s performance looks like a precursor to what could be a really big junior campaign.


9. OL Jamal Franklin, New Orleans RCS

Arguably the biggest surprise of the whole Rival Camp Series On the tour has been Franklin, who sees the 6-foot-7 and 380-pound portion that he carries very well. The ability to move in its shape is amazing.

At the New Orleans stop, Franklin dominated the right tackle. He has amazing athleticism for such a player and he is physical and huge, so the defensive linemen have not had any success against him.

Missouri recently came up with an offer, but its only other Power Five offer is from Texas Tech. He can play.


10. QB JADYN DAVIS, Charlotte RCS

Do a show at Davis’s Charlotte stop Rival Camp Series. The Charlotte (NC) Providence Day 2024 standout is very talented and a natural leader. The top receivers attract him and he has the ability to keep every ball on the money.

This is why Clemson, Ohio State, North Carolina, Georgia and many more are involved and why he is currently ranked No. 1 quarterback in his class.

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