Three-Point Stance: Will the SEC Pod Division help or harm recruitment?

Hiring music and observation from national recruitment analysts Ryan Right Include the importance of football camps, how an SEC pod format can affect recruitment, and June is the first time of Christmas for college football fans.


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1. The importance of exposure camps like competitors

As Rival Camp Series Going to Marquee ends the national tour Rival Underclassman Challenge In Atlanta, and the rival National Analysts team is revising the rankings for the 2023 and ’24 classes, deep thoughts spread about how important it is for high school players to join the camp.

The extra guidance of a former NFL and / or college coach can be very influential but like competitors there are two more big point camps that cannot be ignored: 1) see where you stand against competition; 2) Get extra exposure to help with the recruitment process.

Even the most curious of the five- and four-star players want to see the competition against their other players to see how good they are, and that includes their position and beyond the ball. Being a big fish in a small pond can distort the vision and lead to a harsh reality in college when every other player on the roster becomes just as talented.

Labeling a five- or four-star is great, but even those guys need help putting their names in front of college coaches to help bring offers to the table. And this is especially true for three-star and under-the-radar gems that require time in the spotlight. Who knows how many offers Rival Camp SeriesAnd similarly, it helps to create each offseason for the players, but the number must be in the thousands.


2. SEC Pod Category: Recruitment Assistance or Injury?

Injury: If the SEC decides to switch to a four-team pod format after joining the Texas and Oklahoma groups – removing the East and West divisions – it could be a fracture in how high school players perceive playing for different teams. The Florida-Georgia rivalry may remain a stalemate, but what about long-standing cross-division games like Auburn vs. Georgia, Florida vs. LSU, and Alabama vs. Tennessee? The pod format is being sold more often as an opportunity for SEC teams to play each other, but so has the 6-1-1 format. It took seven years to play A&M in Athens (2012-19); Extending the schedule with more teams will keep Florida players lined up against Texas even if they are sold out in the collegiate matchup.

Help: Fans have been urging the SEC to move to a nine-game in-conference schedule, and the addition of Longhorns and Suners is time to take action. Adding another conference showdown will increase the circulation of the parties more frequently. A Tennessee volunteer recruit has not yet been sold to play in Austin during their collegiate career.


3. June is early Christmas for college football fans

The recruitment process for Transfer Portal and NIL has changed forever. The change of mindset makes the month of June a difference as the official visit for the 2023 class begins with a tick clock to see how long the teams will wait to reach their goal before looking elsewhere.

Elite prospects across the country will begin to take the next step, showing more rigorously which program might be best suited for them on the field, in the community and in the classroom. With an official visit, verbal promises will fly left and right, making it harder for the average fan to keep up. That’s where the rivals come forward to help.

The college team and their fanbases will be rewarded early on knowing a top possibility is coming, but the rush to make a decision too early can also be much reversed. Enjoy early Christmas gifts but manage with caution as something can happen between June and the early signing period.

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