Three-Point Stance: Showcase Event, Panic Meter, Underclassman Challenge

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Adam Friedman The showcase addresses the value of the event, the rate at which some programs in the East come on the panic meter and raises some big questions in this week’s headline Rival Underclassman Challenge.


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1. Major showcase events are good for games

Rival Camp Series in Dallas

Rival Camp Series in Dallas

Even casual football fans knew that Overtime hosted a huge 7-on-7 event in Las Vegas last week, and for all its good publicity and response on social media, Coach Twitter called it the “Underwear Olympics.” “Or saying” These events teach bad tactics. “

This is the 10th event Rival Camp Series, We are all very familiar with coaches and fans and parents at all levels who let their Twitter fingers get their best. They quickly point out that plays they deem worthy of a flag or route will not work at the college or NFL level.

It’s amazing that these people never stopped thinking, “Wait a second. Colleges are doing these same drills in practice and in their off-season camps.”

The bottom line is that showcase events like rival camps and overtime 7-on-7 tournaments are good for playing and they are good for player development. The vast majority of first-round picks in this year’s NFL Draft have participated in such high school showcase events. In the last seven years, all but one Hayesman finalist (Baker Mayfield) have taken advantage of this showcase opportunity.

“Coach Twitter” won’t stop because logical reasoning doesn’t resonate on social media, but even casual fans can see how these off-season events help college and NFL stars develop at a young age.


2. Panic meters for some EAST programs.

Maryland coach Mike Locksley

Maryland coach Mike Locksley (AP photo)

Promises are coming to the left and right at this time of year, and by mid-July we have a very good idea of ​​which teams will lay a solid foundation for the future. Take a look at where the previous few teams have rated on the Panic Meter, 10 means the whole panic time and 1 means the team should be calm because they are in a good position to finish a tough recruitment class.



Panic meter rating: 2

The Tigers have taken seven commitments this month and are currently at No. 6 in the team rankings. Of their promises, only two are three-star and the remaining 11 are four stars in total. In key position groups, such as the offensive line and the receiver, they hold only one promise, but these numbers are bound to increase as the process progresses.


State of Florida

Panic meter rating: 5

With just eight promises so far, Florida State fans need to hope for a big summer, otherwise the panic meter will go astray. Knowles has some promising potential prospects, but only two of them are four-star and none of them are on the offensive line, which is the biggest area they need. The state of Florida needs to pick it up or panic will spread.



Panic meter rating: 10

The best thing about Maryland’s recruitment class at the moment is that it still has a lot of big-time goals. The Terps are at the bottom of the Big Ten Team Recruiting Rankings and all three of their commitments are less than three-star. This offseason was hit hard by the Maryland transfer portal, but the Terps have a lot to offer this fall. They still have a talented squad, but this recruitment cycle has not been very kind to Terps.


North Carolina

Panic meter rating: 7

Tar Hill has brought in a few top 20 recruitment classes in a row, but this year may be different and not in a good way. North Carolina had just three promotions a month and has added three more since then, but only one of the four stars in the six classes. The offensive line has been an area of ​​focus for the last few classes and so have the receivers. Between the two position groups, North Carolina has only one promise, so it needs to be a big summer for Tar Hill.



Panic meter rating: 7

Greg Shiano And his staff quickly gathered a team of 14 prospects who are currently in the top 20 of the team rankings and right in the middle of the Big Ten rankings, but those rankings are about to change and not for the better. With an average of less than three star-per-commits and the fifth highest commitment in the country, the Rutgers are moving out of the house in this category to add high-rated chances and prevent other teams from passing them in the team rankings.


3. Questions titled Opponents Underclassman Challenge

Come on Pringle

Cum Pringle (Nick Lucero /

Can Cum Pringle continue his push for five-star status?

Pringle is not unfamiliar with the camp scene and has previously competed with elite defensive linemen. He was outstanding at the Charlotte rival camp earlier this year, but reports from other camp performances across the country this spring have been different. Pringle has plenty to prove this weekend.

Who will lead a talented quarterback team?

Five four-stars of the 2024 class are scheduled to participate this week, and each of them has headlined at various events throughout the spring. Jayden Bradford, Kamari McClellan, Mabrey Mettauer, Myles Jackson and Prentiss ‘Air’ Noland 2024 are hoping to pass the class to vault themselves.

Will another 2024 five star DE appear?

Colin Simmons is the only five-star defensive lineman in the 2024 class so far, but there are a few more candidates in Atlanta this week. Dylan Stephenson, Kevin Henderson, Booker Pickett and King Joseph Edwards have been fascinated throughout this offseason and will have plenty of opportunities to increase their stock this week.

Who will be the alpha in an impressive team of 2025 and 2026 possibilities?

Some of the elite prospects of 2025 and 2026 will travel to Atlanta, and many of them are accustomed to being the best players of their age in any case they are setting foot on. The defensive line group is specially stacked, with Armando Blunt, Brandon Thomas, Ethan Otley, Gus Ritchie, Bryce Jenkins, Trenton Wilson and Joachim Stewart expected to be present. Texas A&M 2025 Commit Winston Watkins Jr. won the receiver MVP award at the Miami Rival Camp earlier this year.

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