Three-Point Stance: Receiver Ranking, Five Star Candidate, OT7

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny The 2023 Wide Receiver Race, the three possibilities that have surpassed their rankings in the OT7, and looks at the five players who could be in the five-star discussion after that loaded event in Las Vegas over the weekend.

1. Thinking about 2023 receivers

While watching a workout at the Bishop German in Las Vegas (Nev.) And covering the OT7 event in the city, many elite 2023 receivers were present and I learned much more than ever that this is a position that will continue for the rest of summer, through their senior seasons and all- Star can still see significant movement in events.

In the last 2023 rankings, we decided to overturn Colonel Tate at No. 1 and Brandon Inis at No. 2, and while I’m still in this position, Inis is so reliable and efficient that he can push for that top again. I wonder when he will run in the combine and how he will test but from the point of view of football, no one can save him one by one and if the ball is thrown in his way he is Mr. Reliable.

Inis always finds open space, South Florida Express QUB Malachi Nelson always looks for him because there is chemistry and Inis does a great job of making tough catches, especially behind the last zone where he lands under his feet.

Tyle was awesome at the Los Angeles event at the start of this offseason and was a little quieter in Las Vegas but still a special talent. With his speed, length and playmaking ability he can definitely rise to the number one position.

The new five-star Hikim Williams was not in the tournament but there were many other elite receivers and I thought Jante Cook was the best of the second top four stars. He is an electrical, dynamic, abrupt and aggressive route runner. Jalen Brown of the Miami (Fla.) Gulliver Prep was similar in many ways, and there is an incredible first step to beating Cornerback when he goes through his route but he needs to raise some.

In the Gorman workout, Zakaria Brunch showed what he always does – if the USC coach Lincoln Riley The new five-star is waiting for a highlight-reel to happen if he gets the ball innovative (and there’s no reason not to think he won’t). Yes, he is small in size but he covers the ground so quickly and poses a deep threat with small games and jet sweeps. He could be special in Pack-12.


2. Five people in OT7 who can be five-star

Jaden Rashad

Jaden Rashad

Jeremiah Smith: With Tate, Inis, usually Williams and others on the South Florida Express team, it may be easy to get lost for the 2024 receiver, but Hollywood (Fla.) Chaminad Madonna recruits are one of the best out there. Countless times, Smith went deep for a touchdown pass. He has great size, length, speed and hands. Although he is one class behind, Smith fits in well with that five-star receiver and in 2024 he will push for the No. 1 receiver.

Joshisa Trader: The same can be said for Trader, another South Florida receiver who fully matched that loaded group and definitely saw the part of someone who should be considered a five star. While not a physical specimen of Smith or Williams on the outside, the trader does a great job of digging deeper, picking his spots, fooling the cornerback with running great routes and then catching everything he throws. Based on this weekend, I like Smith a little more than Trader but both are great.

Jaden Rashada: We are in a difficult position to move on to the next ranking cycle because after seeing Steve Clarkson committed to Christopher Vigina at the QB Retreat and now Rashada committed to Clemson at that event and here in Las Vegas, the argument is that they both deserve five stars. But how many quarterbacks can we have in a recruiting class and how many quarterbacks do we believe is a potential first round draft pick down the road? Either way, Rashada has such great touch and precision in her passes and can almost never throw a bad one even in a tough window.

Janet Cook: It was late Friday night and Cook’s Trillion Boys team was playing a final game of the night and one game in particular got stuck. Cook was out, running on a go route and the ball was overturned, but Desotto, Texas, ran under it for a four star touchdown. That speed, the attitude of never giving up on the ball, the focus and intensity with which Cook plays really makes him special. If Texas A&M signer Evan Stewart ends up in the same five-star latest hire cycle in almost the same size, why not Cook more in the conversation?

KJ Bolden: Some people like the athlete category, some hate it because it’s not the actual position on the football field but Bolden is a perfect example of someone who fits that position. Friday night when I visited Hustle Inc. The team was fighting when I watched the game and it never went on but Bolden is so impressive physically and how he moves that the defensive back or receiver looks perfect fit to play. At the moment 2024 is ranked 30th overall in the class, Bolden needs to go even higher in terms of projection.


3. Likely to surpass their rankings in Vegas

Jurion Dickey

Jurion Dickey

There were many possibilities that must have fascinated and not all of them can be mentioned here but three people in particular I would like to mention that their ranking in the overtime event in Las Vegas has clearly surpassed that of Tennessee Tight and Commit Ethan Davis, Oregon receiver Promise Jurion. River Rouge, Dickie from Mitch and 2024 four-star receiver Nicholas Marsh.

Dickey is one of the best receivers in the whole event and arguably the biggest surprise. Physically full, the San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian potential was Rashada’s favorite target for the Miami immortals, and he was at times irresistible. With 22 receivers in this category, there is no chance of him getting ahead of them and when the 2023 rankings will be revived in a few months, Dickie should make a big leap.

Davis looked like a million bucks. She is tall and physically fit and can move for her size so it’s easy to see why Tennessee wanted her so badly and why Ole Miss and others are trying to overturn her. Suwani (Ga.) Collins Hill recruits have great hands, can win 50-50 balls and can be a huge asset to the offense of keeping the Vols in the right position. Tight end class loaded in 2023 but Davis deserves consideration to go upstairs and may be the best looking tight end of the class not named Duce Robinson.

What fascinated me about Marsh – apart from his light purple bus Pro Shops trucker hat – was how physically impressive he was on the field, his amazing speed for someone his size and his ability to regularly beat cornerbacks and make space. If he had played in a 7-on-7 team and an elite quarterback had thrown him the ball, Marsh would have been the top three or four receivers in the event. He was still very impressive and much better than his current rankings.

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