Three-Point Stance: Georgia Ranking, Florida State, Florida Riser

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Ryan Wright Georgia looks at the 2024 state rankings, examining how the damage has been done Kenny Dillingham Florida is impacting state recruitment efforts, and Florida has listed five possibilities that could rise in the next ranking refresh.

1. NFL can affect premium rankings

Daniel Calhoun

Daniel Calhoun (

Regardless of location, an elite player at the high school level will always be sought after by college coaches, yet a change is taking place. Outside Georgia, recruits in the 2023 class are well represented in important positions such as running, safety, linebacker, guard and tight end, but the 2024 class is different.

There will always be a premium for offensive tackles, so it’s no surprise that Daniel Calhoun is at the top of the state rankings but Alex Cunningham and Eddie Houston are on the defensive end just below him. Defenders that can play runs and more importantly, the college preference found after quarterbacks. Also in the top-10, KJ Bolden, Zion Ragins and NY Car are the speed demons on the receiver that can make the secondary torch in the heartbeat; The spread of college football is another big need in the world.

Collegiate priorities in the NIL era will likely reflect NFL premiums during drafts, with higher prices on quarterbacks, edge racers, offensive tackles, corners and receivers. As time goes on in the new era of college football recruitment, it is important to see the importance of landing top players in these five positions.


2. Is Florida State Kenny Dillingham feeling the effects of the loss?

Kenny Dillingham

Kenny Dillingham (USA Today Sports Image)

The month of May began with Seminoles ’20th place in the opponents’ team rankings and could end up outside the top 25. The State of Florida has a total of 6 2023 commitments, the most recent of which is April 1. Everything was quiet on the front of this appointment, Seminoles silently moved to No. 21. The 2024 class is at the top of the rival team rankings with four promises, but the FSU last received a pledge for that class on 26 March.

Lack of activity speaks volumes. One has to look at the sweeping changes in the Seminoles coaching staff as an indicator. From 2021 staff, offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham Now Oregon has the same role. In general, all other head coaches are on staff with regular loving reporting recruits Alex Atkins (OL) and Marcus Woodson (Db). Several top teams are lagging behind in recruitment, including Clemson and Alabama. But with the head coach Mike Norwell Lack of enthusiasm to enter his third season at Tallahassee is a troubling sign.

When the official visit begins in June, the FSU team will tell you where it is in the rankings.

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3. Five Florida ready to increase rankings

Jackim Jackson

Ja’Keem Jackson (

The spring assessment gives scouts another chance to test the top prospects. Action from us has warmed across the state of Florida this spring Rival Camp Series 7-on-7 events and high school spring practice in Miami. The five players are expected to see an improvement in their recruitment rankings next week.

ATH Ja’Keem Jackson: Jackson has made his mark with Osiola High School as a receiver, but his top four schools prefer him as a defender with offers coming from both sides of the ball. Jackson’s great speed and athleticism have been further strengthened by his more than 30 offers. Officers are set at UCF, Iowa State and Tennessee with a possible fourth Penn State.

CB Design Johnson: Johnson has a big angle with speed and physique that is hard to find. He verbally committed to the state of Ohio on April 17 and pushed aside 30 proposals. Because of his size, speed, and athleticism, Johnson is a rare prospect who can play any position in the medium and ensure a chance to get to the next level very quickly.

Arabic Christopher Johnson: The offseason saw a tremendous change in Johnson’s hiring… and it all went back to his pace. Since the end of April, the former Rutgers Committee has received 15 offers from some of the country’s elite, including Georgia, Miami, Texas A&M, Michigan and Oregon.

Arabic Isaiah Augustev: Naples High School had an embarrassing state of resources at its backfield last fall. The Golden Eagle had two 1,100-plus-yard racers, about a third of which were in Augustve. He has made 109 carry-off 950 yards with 16 touchdowns and can certainly play. Expect Augustev’s touch to increase with his hiring rankings.

WR Testian Radix: Reddix did 8A Defense School last season using a combination of ridiculous releases and hands-on experience. Seeing the Reddicks perform in this offseason, he is always open for his route running, quick buttock rupture. He made a simple goal a simple window for a quarterback. Playing with Dillard High School this fall, he is at the 20-offer mark.

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