Three-point stance: Clemson, RCS Flash, Pete

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Adam Friedman Clemson highlights five surprises from looking at how he can show the wrong way. Rival Camp Series In Philadelphia and wondering why Pitt isn’t getting more love on the way to hiring.


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1. Clemson is trending the wrong way

Dabo Suini

Dabo Sweeney (AP Photo)

Dabo Suini And his program is in a really precarious position. With years and years of being among the college football elite, there is a growing perception that Clemson could slip. There isn’t much room at the very top of the game and the way the Tigers are recruiting can be tough for Clemson to be there.

Alabama and Georgia are now governing the college football world and this is not a coincidence as they have had multiple top recruitment classes in the last few years. Clemson hasn’t had more than one top five recruiting class lately, but the Tigers have created really good prospects and this has certainly helped lead the team of generational quarterback Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence. DJ Viagaleli is very talented and can turn things around this season, but he will have his shoulder over the star Cad Klubnik.

Whatever happens to any one of the quarterbacks, it’s really hard to see Clemson being hired at such a level without embracing the NIL world we live in and working on the transfer portal. Every top program in the country is making big progress on both fronts, while Clemson seems to be stuck in its path.

Suu Kyi is still adamant on her “no visit” policy for verbally committed players. College football has accepted all of the world’s top coaches transfer portals and NIL and continues to recruit committed players while going on other tours. Sweeney has decided not to be flexible in any of these areas and could disable his team in the process.

The Tigers have also seen head assistant coaches leave the staff this season and return to positions with assistants who have almost no experience in coaching and hiring at a high level. There are many question marks about this Clemson team, and it will be interesting to see if the description of this fall changes as the games begin.

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2. Flashes from Philly’s rival camp series

Osinubi in Oluwakolede

Osinubi in Oluwakolede

We’ve known Osinubi in the wide receiver Oluwakolede for a few years now, but he has really taken his game to another level. He did a good job of making the breakup and had nice hands throughout the day. He also used his length as an advantage and this is definitely something we haven’t seen from him before.

Auser, the younger brother of James Hard, is only in seventh grade but he has already accepted the West Virginia offer and it is easy to see why. He has more of his own against older players and is strong enough to lose press coverage without falling off his route.

Army Defensive Tackle Commit Matt Gemma didn’t come up with a lot of name recognition but in the 1-on-1 session he really made some headway. He bullied offensive linemen and was surprisingly quick about how big he was. Don’t be surprised to see an increase in his recruitment.


3. Why not get more love on the Pete Recruiting Trail?

Pat Narduzzi

Pat Narduzzi (AP Photo)

What else can I do? Pat Narduzzi And what should his staff do? They have just made Heisman a finalist in the quarterback Kenny Pickett and were the first quarterback to be picked in this year’s NFL Draft. They also had the best receivers in the country. Oh, and remember Charlie Patrice? He is one of the best defensive line coaches in the game. So where is the result of the recruitment path? How come the recruits are not coming to this team now?

There are opportunities during the early play and there are obviously coaches who know how to develop the players there. Yes, this past season’s offensive coordinator and receiver coach is no more, but Narduzji has shown that he has the ability to recruit well and that the program’s infrastructure remains the same.

I had hoped that there would be a big summer on the way to Pitt’s recruitment as in previous years, but it was surprising to see high-rated recruiters ignoring the Panthers. Western Pennsylvania is loaded with the talents of this recruitment cycle, but it is difficult to see many of them staying home at this time. And it’s not because of the Panthers’ lack of effort or results.

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