Three-Point Stance: Busy Visit Weekend, Ranking Update, Five-Star Arabic

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny Talk about a busy official visit next weekend, a new 2023 ranking release next week, and a five-star running back:

1. Busy weekend ahead

Brandon Inis

Brandon Inis (Nick Lucero /

This is where we go.

The first big official visit weekend of June is here and it is a blockbuster because all the spring events here were a breath of fresh air to heading to the summer event and then especially to the season but not anymore. It’s endless, catastrophic, about 365 days a year and it’s now heading into June.

Five-star quarterback Arch Manning is an important stop in Georgia, as Texas is battling the Bulldogs and Alabama for him. Manning loves Athens and respects the coaching staff and what Georgia has done will be important to spend a few more days there although the last visit is sometimes the most important and Texas is getting him later. It’s at least something to watch. Georgia’s others include Arab Justice Haynes, S. Caleb Downs and Michigan linebacker Commit Reilly Wilson, who should be seen for at least one possible flip.

Five-star receiver Brandon Inis will be in Alabama as Crimson Tide will try to move forward with the Ohio State and USC as favorites at the moment. The point was that Inis didn’t have a long-term relationship with Alabama staff like other programs, but he told me last weekend that things had changed and that he and Halmon Wiggins Among others it has been step by step. Time with the coach Nick Soap The next few days could be huge.

Five-star defensive end David Hicks Jr. and Jaden Wayne are in Michigan State, and the Spartans probably don’t lead either, both of whom love coaches. Mail money. It would be interesting if that connection could extend Michigan State to both standout defensive linemen.

The list of interesting visitors is endless and there is also the effect of recruitment. Jason Moore is in Penn State as Notre Dame and others are trying to stop the Nitani Lions. Ruben Owens is going to TCU and there are a lot of rumors out there about Lewisville being probably involved although I still think he ended up in Texas.

Four-star QB Jaden Rashada, who can now put Florida on his list, is at Texas A&M and we all know that many kids fall in love on the weekends. Jimbo Fisher At the college station. Four-star OL Charles Jagusah went to Missouri and the Tigers could quietly create an elite offensive line class if things fell right.

Tucket Curtis is in Wisconsin and he loves badgers but Ohio State and USC seem to have an edge there. Auburn hosts a good group with four-star Zidane Osbury and elite defensive tackle Jamal Jarrett. The Florida campus has plenty of players, including Treyon Webb, Gators Lynn and four-star De Kelby Collins.

There is the first ChampU BBQ under the Oklahoma coach Brent Venebles And looking back a few months from now this weekend, OL Cayden Green, LB Anthony Hill, WR Jaquaize Pettaway and many more will be in Norman as the Suners’ recruitment effort could be huge. The latest LSU de-commits in Nebraska are in the town of Omerion Miller and local superstar Malachi Coleman.

There is very little time to breathe it is so busy there and there can be many promises along the way.


2. New rankings next week

Arch Manning

Arch Manning (Sam Spiegelman)

The new 2023 rankings are due to be released next week and while I have taken an oath of secrecy until they are released I can say there are some new five-stars on the list.

After so many incidents, including the whole spring Rival Camp Series And for many more nationally, there was a lot of movement across the board and a long discussion about whether Arch Manning should be ranked No. 1.

Tune in on Monday to see if it happened. But when I go to events, there are a lot of people in the recruitment industry, including some high-level people who want to talk about manning, many good ones and some questions. I understand that.

There we have Steve Clarkson at the QB Retreat last weekend with Malachi Nelson and Dylan Riola and Julian Sain and DJ Lagway and not many top quarterbacks and manning nationally. The list of Elite 11 finalists has been released this week and New Orleans (LA) Isidore Newman recruitment is not there. Overtime There is a huge 7-on-7 tournament in Las Vegas next week where everyone is coming from all over the country and there is no manning.

I fully understand not to do offseason events. Manning is not the first person to be opted out and he will not be the last. If a lot of elite kids are honest, I’d bet they would want to cut their schedule, not add anything more because it’s endless. But it is also difficult to compare apple-to-apple if the largest of them never competes in the same arena.

We all know Manning is super-talented but how talented? Is he definitely number 1 in the country? Will he compete in an all-star event after his senior season? I don’t know if there is any number 1 in the history of the competitors of 2002 that we have seen less and it will be something to think about in the rankings.


3. Five-star running back talk

Justice Haynes

Justice Haynes

When it comes to five-star running backs, we’ve learned two lessons that teach us how to look not only at the position but also at our rankings: The first is that NFL teams are more restrained than ever before in spending higher drafts. Pick that position. And second, competitors haven’t tried to rank five-star running back in some of the most recent recruitment classes.

That’s why we still like Justice Haynes, Richard Young, Ruben Owens and others but we’re a little ashamed to make them five-star, especially since our rankings are based on expected college performance and NFL draft positioning.

In the NFL Draft, there was no running back in the first round a few months ago. In 2021, Nazi Harris and Travis Etienne were the first rounders of the late and Harris High School and Alabama had a freak show. In 2020, Clyde Edwards-Helier was the final pick in the first round. Last year, Josh Jacobs returned to No. 20 in the only first round. The last three were selected in the first round in 2018 by Sacon Berkeley (No. 2 overall) followed by Rashad Penny (27) and Sonny Mitchell. (31).

Over the past few years, we’ve made a concerted effort to pump up the five-star back in the competitors’ rankings. In 2023 there is currently no one. No one finished the race as a five-star in 2022 after Georgia’s Branson Robinson came out early. In 2021, Camer Whitton was a five star but he did not pan out and has now moved from Alabama to SMU. The 2020 class was rough because we had four-star running backs of Zachary Evans, Demarkcus Bowamn, Kendall Milton and MarShawn Lloyd and none of them looked like first-rounders at the moment.

This will be something we observe closely as game trends are likely to change but the five star running back is hard to come by now.

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