Three-point stance: Austin Novosad, Texas Edge Rushers, Louisville

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Nick Harris Texas State’s Loaded Edge Rasha’s group is considering hiring Austin Novosad after his proposal from Ohio State, and whether Louisville’s momentum could expand south-south once it commits to the West Coast.

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1. Can Baylor keep his valuable quarterback promise to four-star Austin Novosad?

Austin Novosad

Austin Novosad (

Dripping Springs (Texas) four-star quarterback Austin Novosad has so far entered the four-star mix of signal-callers this offseason with a tough camp performance at the Underclassman Combine in San Antonio in January and the Elite 11 Dallas Regional in March. Her improvements since her junior season have attracted the attention of evaluators and college instructors alike, including Ryan Day In the state of Ohio.

Although Buckeyes was not too adamant about hiring a quarterback in the 2023 class, Novosad was the one who drew the attention of the offensive staff, prompting a personal evaluation from the quarterback coach. Corey Dennis Last month in Central Texas. His impressions were positive, prompting him to move to Columbus this week where Day Baylor was able to watch Novosad Throw live before extending a proposal to the committee.

While Novosad was mostly firm in his commitment to the defending Big 12 champ, the offer made him think a little, and rightly so, with Day in the Building with the Ohio State Quarterback Development for years.

Offers and interests are still fresh in Novosada’s mind, and Baylor will reciprocate on his official visit June 17-19. I think what may be lost on the part of Baylor fans is that he has broken his promise, not given.

The opportunity to play early on and often had an appeal to Baylor for Novosad and this is a strong difference from what would be expected in Ohio State, with Devin Brown and Dylan Riola possibly in the same room as him.

With the situation so fresh, there’s still a lot to shake up, but the takeaway is simple: don’t count on Baylor yet.

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2. The edge racers out of Texas in 2023 have a terribly impressive team.

Colton Vasek

Colton Vasek (

It’s not unexpected for the state of Texas to build a strong position group across the field year after year, but in 2023 the Edge Rasha group is one that could see a huge increase in the upcoming Rival 250 update.

We can start with Colton Vasek, who was a big riser last season in the 2022 class at Ethan Burke in Westlake, Austin (Texas). On the way back to the quarterback, Vasek made a series of violent dramas in the backfield and blew up the run dramas before starting. Denton Guy’s performance in the 6A Division II State Championship game against Jackson Arnold was particularly impressive, earning him the Defensive MVP honor for the game.

The four-star linebacker from Friendswood (Texas) also needs to be highlighted, Brylan Shelby, who was one of the more physically impressive prospects I met this spring, and shows it in his films, along with his athleticism on the defensive side of the ball.

Another linebacker outside of Marilyn (Texas) is Daryon Gulett’s in-state programs such as Texas and Texas A&M Salvaging, as well as Alabama. His performance at 2A level on both sides of the ball allowed him to lead his Bulldogs to the semifinals for the first time in this century.

While I was preparing for the June ranking update, the film by Isaiah Crawford and Princeville Umanmilen also jumped out. Quick and elusive around the Crawford edge, while Umanmilen has the power that his older brother and Florida defensive lineman Princely Umanmilen has, but the younger brother combines it with violence that leads to turnover.

The list goes with the likes of Dylan Spencer, Johnny Boynes, Ino Etta and many more because some of these names could easily rank higher in the state rankings in other categories based on their talents, but in 2023 this group will not be so easy with Edge Rasher.


3. Can Louisville expand its momentum in the state of Texas?

Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker (Cole Patterson)

Lewisville has been red-hot on its way to recruiting for the 2023 class, especially since the addition of its four-star quarterback Comrade Pierce Clarkson, and that momentum has begun to make its way to Lone Star State.

Following Deandre Moore’s surprise promise to the Cardinals over the weekend, it has been proven that anyone can play fair. Scott Sutterfield And his squad is heading into a busy summer tour season, so much so that four-star all-purpose back Ruben Owens II is now tossing around in conversation.

While I don’t see Owens touching on the idea of ​​committing to Louisville at the moment, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone else I see in Texas.

Lucas (Texas) Winning Wide receiver Kyle Parker has a tough spring and Texas and Louisville are high on his list and I can see the Cardinals can win. I would also consider his training partner, Rockwall (Texas) four-star wide receiver Noble Johnson, who could put the Cardinals in his top group this summer.

The class being created in Louisville certainly draws attention to the potential of Texas, but can its success be matched by what the Cardinals have been able to do in California? It is doubtful, but they continue to prove that all bets are off while playing cards.

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