Three-point position: Fisher-Soap, A&M-Alabama Recruitment, 2024 QB.

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny One more look Nick SoapJimbo Fisher Five recruitment fights this week between Drama, Alabama and Texas A&M and a deep dive into the 2024 quarterback class:

1. A final thought vs. Nick Soap. Jimbo Fisher and why they agree on at least one thing

Ugly Public Speech in Alabama Coach Nick Soap And Texas A&M coaches Jimbo Fisher The last few days have been unfortunate, interesting and sometimes even ridiculous.

It was also inevitable.

Names, images and similarities have broken many recruitment rules and raised concerns among coaching staff at various levels, one is how it can be handled or what is legal and even legal but in one case, Soap and Fisher agree: need federal law around this monster Must be.

The most interesting thing is that Fisher and Soap were saying the same thing in some ways: Fisher argued that no state law was broken. Soap argued that no laws were being violated and that the NCAA could not enforce its own rules because of this.

And this is where the NIL turns into a dark, dark cloud of uncertainty. The NIL’s proposed intention was to monetize players already on the college team, not to promise employers that if they went to a particular school, so much cash would be distributed to a joint or otherwise.

This is the essence of Soap’s argument: recruitment for temptation and play is definitely going on (and I cover recruitment for livelihood and I can tell you it’s going on without question). Fisher’s argument is that Texas A&M has not broken any laws and is not instructing any party to hire in order to pledge money (but I cover recruitment for a living and it is clear what the Aggies want).

Soap would complain about rushing and spreading crime and asking if we wanted to be football. He understood that things were going that way and so he took the philosophy, implemented the elements of that offensive style and won the national championship.

The same question will now be asked: Do we want to hire? If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

Of course NIL played some role in Texas A&M’s historic recruitment class last year and that’s not a bad thing. There are many more reasons for many elite players to pick Agis. Both can be true.

If Soap and Fisher get what they want, though, – or at least what they’re saying publicly – the government will provide some maintenance on whether the game is fair or not. If that doesn’t happen, if things don’t change, Soap will probably do what he did in the past: identify what he sees as a problem, see if it’s not changing, adjust to the new reality, and then master it.

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2. Four recruitment battles involving Texas A&M and Alabama

Eli Holstein

Eli Holstein (Nick Lucero /

Along with the coaching drama play between Soap and Fisher, there will be interesting stories for recruitment, as well as Crimson Tide and Aegis battles for many of the same elite prospects. Here are the top five players on the Alabama and Texas A&M list, as well as others involved in their recruitment:

Eli Holstein: The top four-star quarterback was committed to Texas A&M from June to mid-March but has backtracked and now it looks like Alabama and Florida could get the edge in his appointment but Crimson Tide probably owns the edge right now. . Some believe A&M is still in it and could bring it back to the fold, but after multiple visits to Tuscaloosa, I think Alabama will be hard to beat – unless Arch Manning promises to jump the gun first.

Tony Mitchell: Mitchell’s appointment is really interesting because Texas A&M still holds the edge for him but Florida is getting stronger, so Georgia and then Alabama have been growing up since his Alabaster (Ala.) Thompson teammate Jeremia Alexander signed there and now Peter Crimson Tide High. Could this be a case where the more it goes, the more Mitchell looks closer to home? Crimson Tide will definitely take him but Agis will lead now.

Shelton Sampson: Could it be as easy to pick Sampson’s LSU as Louisiana’s other top prospects, especially since he’s from Baton Rouge? That’s certainly possible, but in the state of Alabama, 5-star Aaron Anderson and top four-star Chase Preston are down to the final recruiting cycle. Sampson also looks like the long, athletic receiver that Texas A&M has used over the years, and the five-star is supposed to go to both schools with others.

Hikeim Williams: Texas has emerged as a major competitor to A&M Williams, but Alabama is also interested because both programs have been well positioned in recent years. There is also an air of uncertainty in his recruitment due to the involvement of Georgia, Miami and others and it can go a long way to get here.


3. Early Thoughts About 2024 Quarterback – And Which Is Best

Jadin Davis

Jadin Davis (Nick Lucero /

As it stands now, Jadyn Davis and Julian Sayin are the five-star quarterbacks in the 2024 class, then DJ Lagway, CJ Carr and Dylan Raiola are all in the top 28 nationally, which means they all have five-star chances.

After the important camp spring, after 7-on-7 and other events, that list is sure to see some changes as we meet in early June to recreate the 2023 and 2024 rankings.

Riola, who recently committed to Ohio State, will surely get a close look as a five-star and even No. 1 quarterback in the class. Although he hasn’t done a ton of events, he was exceptional when he was somewhere and has a lot of qualities that we find in the highest-ranked QB.

Lagway is very interesting because his size and hand talent can be incredibly special and then Carr Hall is not that glamorous but a complete quarterback who can run a crime, make big plays without mistakes and lead his team.

However, there will be others who will turn around in the rankings. Eliza Brown of Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dey continues a great offseason and has loaded offers even though she is physically innocent. I also saw Michael Van Buren from Baltimore (Md.) St. Francis last weekend. Rival Camp Series In Philadelphia and when he’s younger, he can throw and the ball is great.

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