The prospects are bright in the Philadelphia rival Camp series

Coatesville, Pa. The seventh stop of Rival Camp Series Coatesville High School was in the Philadelphia area this weekend and saw a bunch of top regional prospects. There is a breakdown of positional MVP and other best performers from this day

Quarterback MVP: William Watson

Watson looked like a different quarterback than the previous year. He was really full and it helped speed up his throwing and the extra strength was evident. The Nebraska promise was the most consistent throughout the day and, although it was a very deep quarterback group, Watson was able to shine through drills, route on air and 1-on-1s. His ball placement was excellent and he was able to throw accurately and in time towards the sidelines, along the middle and down the field. It was really impressive how he was able to lead the receivers with whom he had never played. Syncing his time with the new receiver is important in this situation and it is good for his future at Lincoln.

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Running back MVP: Yasin Willis

Big running backs often don’t have much success in this type of camping situation but Willis really focused on improving his explosiveness and ability to run the route. Willis dominated the pass-blocking portion of the camp, removing some linebackers to make his presence known. In 1-on-1s, Willis showed a reliable hand and was unexpectedly good at creating a split between him and the linebackers. If Willis is able to replicate this performance and make it for the autumn season, it could really mean a lot to his stock in the eyes of college coaches. A big back like him who can pound rock and even act as a receiver in passing situations would be a great asset for any college team.


Wide receiver MVP: Yazid Haynes

Haynes was a delightful surprise and Rutgers fans should be extremely happy that he is already folding for them. Measuring 6-foot-1.25, with a 6-foot-3.5 wing, Haynes was much more explosive than we expected and he consistently called the ball tight coverage. Haynes was also great as a root runner. He did a great job of shaking the defensive back which tried to push him to the line of scrimmage and he had no problem playing physically when needed. His length gave the defensive back a real problem and he was able to land with multiple acrobatic catches. Haynes’ explosiveness and straight-line speed can be difficult for defensive backs at the next level.

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Offensive line MVP: Samson Okunlola

The four-star offensive tackle was outstanding at camp this offseason and Sunday was no different as Okunola dominated from his left tackle spot. He lifted a defensive edge from his leg to show how big and physical he was and how he could be in control from the tackle spot during a representation. He resets quickly, well, uses his hands really well and is not afraid to mix it up on a wrestling background. Okunola has been very good at recent events, including a rival camp in Philadelphia, and has made an argument for pushing the offensive tackle far higher in the rankings. It is still difficult to determine where his appointment is going as Okunlola has not indicated on his official tour but the four-star can play anywhere in the country.


Defensive line MVP: James Hard

The Heard is not the largest or longest defensive end of the class but its speed at the edges is impressive and it is very difficult to deal with offensive tackles. The four stars of Camden, NJ, can make themselves shorter and tighter, sinking their shoulders, and most of these offensive linemen can get to the edge before they get out of their position. When the tackles start to guess or try to jump start at hard speed, he can go in and win that way. West Virginia appears on its top list as front-runners with Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.


Linebacker MVP: Christopher Jones

Big linebackers like Jones often do not improve camp settings in this way but the prospect of 2024 showed an impressive range for his size and did a good job of making the game on the ball. In addition to showing different types of rice during the pass rashing drill, he is a very good blazer. Jones ’strength is not space coverage but he leaned on his physique and length to cut several passes to disrupt the time between running and quarterback.


Defensive back MVP: Omilio Agard

Picking a defensive back MVP was probably the hardest decision of the day but Agard brought the award because of his ability to consistently compete for passes and play on the ball. There seemed to be a lot of drama where he was caught out of position and he was able to use his speed and explosives to save the receivers from creating isolation. On Sunday Agard had a few hurdles but he was also able to force a lot of bad passes due to how tight his coverage was.


More all-camp selection

Positional MVP awards can only be given to one person but there are many more who are recognized as 2024 rival 250 quarterback Michael Van Buren, three-star running back Durel Robinson, three-star receiver Demetrius Bell, 2024 rival 250 offensive lineman Jordan. Star Clemson Defensive and Commit David Ozigebe, three-star linebacker Callen Cobb and 2024 rival 250 defensive back Bu Carter received the awards.


Rival Invitations to Underclassmen Challenge

The Rival Underclassman Challenge will be held in Atlanta this summer, and these possibilities were invited from the Philadelphia Regional Stop:

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