Sting Factor: The promise of Daeh McCullough from Indiana

When a major program loses a core assignment, analyzes from the local and national level to see how big of a push it is for the respective school. To measure the “sting” of each decree, we assign a score from one to 10, which is not a big deal and 10 is a catastrophic hit.

The beginning of the story

The plan was for all three to play for the McCallu Brothers in Indiana which would be a great shock for the Huskies as they were strengthened by their father Tom Allen being an assistant coach on the staff.

But when the coach Deland McCallo Leaving Indiana for Notre Dame this offseason, the Huskies were able to retain four-star Dassan McCullo but earlier this week his four-star brother Daih decided to back off from his promise at Indiana.

With the transfer to South Bend (Ind.) St. Joseph, Daeh McCullough’s own hiring is now taking shape as he is close to his father, programs from all over the country are hiring four-star cornerbacks and many more options are now available.

The other McCallo boys seem to be stuck in Bloomington.

That wouldn’t be the case for the four-star cornerback, who is ranked third in the Indiana State rankings behind Notre Dame Commitment Drake Bowen and Four-Star Defensive and Kendrick Gilbert, but the Huskies have not yet fully recovered from it.


Local response

“Losing Dieh McCall is a big blow to Indiana’s 2023 class and future success on the field, but it was something that was almost expected. Indiana will lose a lot next year from its current high school so losing promise in the position is a hit and moving forward is a big emphasis and priority on the defensive rear position. ” – Alec Lasley,

Sting factor: 7


National response

Indiana won 2-10 last season and it could play a role in McCullough’s decision not to join his brothers in the Huskies but the bigger event was when his father moved to Notre Dame, he was admitted to a new high school and received. His appointment is a fresh start. This is difficult for Indiana because the Big Ten program has to keep up with the current pace and not let last season spiral into just as bad. It’s hard enough to hire on other Big Ten standout programs but losing a four-star cornerback that can play fast makes it even harder. It had more to do with her father’s move to Notre Dame than McCullough’s confidence in the Indiana program, but it still hurts. – Adam Gorny, National Recruiting Director

Sting factor: 7

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