Sting Factor: O’Malley Miller returns to LSU

When a major program loses a core assignment, analyzes from the local and national level to see how big of a push it is for the respective school. To measure the “sting” of each decree, we assign a score from one to 10, which is not a big deal and 10 is a catastrophic hit.


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The beginning of the story

O’Malley Miller is committed to his dream school LSU in August 2021 after working at Baton Rouge and the then coach’s interest. Ed Orgern.

Much has changed since then at LSU and the college football landscape, and on Monday Vivian (La.) Returned his long-standing promise to the North Cadre four-star receiver Tigers and resumed his appointment.

Nationally ranked 13th receiver and top-eight prospect in the Louisiana State rankings, Miller is expected to tour Nebraska in the coming days, and there is no question that he has a strong bond with the position coach. Mickey Joseph. There has been another school mentioned in Arkansas Miller’s appointment.

In his social media message on Monday, Miller said he was still “extremely interested” in LSU, but now he is back in the market and coaching Brian Kelly And his staff has to work to bring him back to the fold.

Last season, the Vivian North Caddo standout ended with 76 receptions for 1,502 yards and 20 touchdowns.


Local response

“For a new regime with a lot of new staff like LSU under Kelly, losing commitment from state talent like Miller is a big push. LSU receivers have a solid stable, but the Tigers want two or three good in this class, and now they’re expanding summer camp. Starting from scratch with donuts.

“Ultimately, the roster may suffer such losses, but it’s not great news for new staff trying to build a proverbial fence around the state.” – Jimmy Smith,

Sting factor: 7

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National response

“There is a lot of time left in this recruitment cycle and Miller says he is seriously interested in LSU, but it certainly hurts. Although Miller hails from Vivian, which is much closer to Dallas than Baton Rouge, he is one of the most promising and long-serving LSU players in the state who dreamed of playing for the Tigers.

“He was a very talented receiver and Kelly in Notre Dame had a criticism that he did not have enough high-editor playmaker in that place.

“But Miller still seems interested in the Tigers. It was his dream school and this recruitment cycle would go a long way, so I’m still not going to calculate the LSU for a four-star receiver. The five-star receiver could land Kernel Tate or other elite receivers, but the Tigers have something to do now. ” – Adam Gorny, Rival National Recruiting Director

Sting factor: 8

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