Sting Factor: Joshua Miller moved from Penn State to UGA

When a major program loses a core assignment, analyzes from the local and national level to see how big of a push it is for the respective school. To measure the “sting” of each decree, we assign a score from one to 10, which is not a big deal and 10 is a catastrophic hit.


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The beginning of the story

When Joshua Miller made his commitment to Penn State just days before Christmas, the Chester (Va.) Life Christian Academy Prospect said he had seen his options and that the Nitani Lions were the best fit for him.

His relationship with the position coach continued for the next several months Phil Trottwain Growing even stronger, Miller seems to be completely satisfied with his commitment to Penn State and he is hiring teammates and friends to play with him in the Happy Valley.

But things have changed in recent days as Miller has reneged on his commitment to the Nitani Lions and felt better served on and off the field in Georgia. That was a big loss for his Flip Penn State, literally, as Miller was a 6-foot-6, 323-pound high three-star prospect, and because he was a talented player who could help deepen the offensive line.

Over the years, Georgia has moved north for top commitments, but this was not a regular practice for the Bulldogs. Miller flipping is another sign that no prospect is safe when an SEC power wants them.

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Local response

“This is a very serious loss for the Nitani Lions because Miller seemed to be one of the strongest commitments for the Nitani Lions in this 2023 class. Well, that was Georgia until a recent unofficial tour. The rest is history.”

“The good news for Penn State fans is that they have a high ranking, they are currently ranked 6th in the country. Also, the Nitani Lions not only have the country’s top two OLs currently committed to J’ven Williams and Alex Birchmeier, but they also include Samson Okunlola, Zechariah Owens and Evan Link. All three are high-ranking appointees.

“Right now, I’m ranking it as a pretty bad sting, but land one or more of the three targets listed above and that sting number drops significantly.” – Richard Snyderite,

Sting factor: 8

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National response

“More than anything, it’s an amazing loss because Miller seemed to be completely tied to the Nitani Lions, and I didn’t expect him to back down from his commitment to any school. Maybe that opinion was wrong, but even weeks ago Rival camp Charlotte seemed to be stuck with Miller’s Penn State.

“SEC power and national champions could affect top chances, though, and Miller once visited Georgia to see if the Bulldogs were not only in the game but they could seriously overturn him. Adding a significant amount to Penn State’s offensive line room, Nitani Lions still There are lots of fish in the ocean. So, this de-commitment is by no means destructive to the Penn State class. ” – Adam Gorny, Rival National Recruiting Director

Sting factor: 6

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