Sting Factor: DE Anthony James Closes Texas A&M Commitment

When a major program loses a core assignment, analyzes from the local and national level to see how big of a push it is for the respective school. To measure the “sting” of each decree, we assign a score from one to 10, which is not a big deal and 10 is a catastrophic hit.


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The beginning of the story

Anthony James is committed to the early launch of Texas A&M in February 2021. It may have been a little early.

The four-star defender from Wiley (Texas) East returned his promise to the Aggies over the weekend, a promise that lasted more than a year. But as James has said, he has not been able to get as many visits as he wanted and more possibilities may be unveiled this summer.

After conversations with Aggies coaches, Texas A&M remains an option for his hiring and Aggies will not be counted.

Auburn, Texas Tech, Illinois, Washington and Houston have offered in recent weeks. Some have speculated that Miami and Florida are definitely two programs that James will also consider.

With his re-opening, the future of Flint, Mitch, Native could go in different directions.


Local response

“It’s a bit of a surprise, but it probably shouldn’t have been. James is committed too early and has been looking at other programs for some time. Some elites are in a very good position with DE. So it doesn’t do much harm. ” – Mark Passwaters,

Sting factor: 4

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National response

“Five-star defensive linemen Walter Nolan, Shemar Stewart and LeBeus Overton have signed on to the 2022 class of Texas A&M. Johnny Bowens is already committed to an Aegis in 2023. There is no way to say: Texas A&M is fully loaded along the defensive line.

“James is very talented and could have been a nice addition to this recruitment class and a welcome member, but there are many more elite players in the position that Agis is hiring and if things go as planned coaches. Jimbo Fisher And when it comes time to add more pieces to this recruiting class, its employees should pick their litter. ” – Adam Gorny, Rival National Recruiting Director

Sting factor: 3

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