Standouts are fascinated across the southeast in the rival camp series in Atlanta

Atlanta – The eighth and last stop Rival Camp Series Lakewood Stadium was in Atlanta this weekend and saw a bunch of top regional prospects. There is a breakdown of positional MVP and other best performers from this day

Quarterback MVP: Kamari McClellan

The quarterback position in Atlanta on Sunday was loaded with talent. In a very tough competition among the top regional gunners, McClellan earned the top honor of the house. McClellan began the camp by impressing with his footwork and releases during the drills, and continued to do so during one perfect pass after another. The 2024 Alabama prospect, with offers from Oregon, Missouri, Florida State and Auburn, has already been considered one of the best in its class.


Running back MVP: Jaden Scott

Scott worked on the defenders all day. During the open field tackle drill, the three-star was fast and the next level of speed was with the trembling defenders. He added an extra dimension to his game, running route and schooling linebackers and defensive backs. ACC Programs loves Scott’s offerings of Miami, Duke, Wake Forest and Louisville among its 14 offers.


Wide receiver / tight end MVP: Anthony Miller

The fact that Miller earned a tough last MVP honor for the day he came to camp is called volume. His route was tight and his arms were strong, even defensive backs and linebackers hung on him all day to secure a pass for his quarterback. The 2023 talent continues to see its stock rise this offseason. Demonstrating his skills during camp and spring practice, Miller Florida, Pete, Louisville and Georgia Tech aimed at him near the 20-offer mark.


Offensive line MVP: Madden Sankar

Madden Sunday was her normal self but it was really nice to see how technically proficient she has become. Measuring 6-foot-4, 309-pounds, Sankar did a great job using his length to his advantage and ensured that the defensive linemen would be in front of him. He doesn’t look good but he has a very strong base and shows his determination when the defensive linemen try to push him around. Shankar is also not afraid to show his enthusiasm. There were multiple occasions when Sankar confirmed that he had received the last blow before whistling. Michigan State, Arkansas, Louisville and Miami are bringing him to campus for an official visit next month.


Defensive line MVP: Caldrick Falk

There were a lot of very good defensive linemen in attendance today but Fock was a little above the rest. Measured with a 6-foot-6.5, 250-pound 6-foot-10 wingspan, Falk has an ideal size and length for an edge player and is very adept when it comes to understanding his hand technique and leverage. Combined with his speed, Fuck was able to display his complete information in 1-on-1 seconds. He landed comfortably on the backfield and ensured that the offensive linemen could not slow him down. Fock also showed how he was able to maintain his balance while bending around on the outside. Clemson, Auburn, Florida and Florida states are in line for an official visit next month.


Linebacker MVP: Sammy Brown

Brown was all over the field for the linebackers today. The high-ranked 2024 prospect had a lot of success during the pass rashing drill and showed the ability to fight the blockers while trying to get to the quarterback. In the coverage, Brown did a great job of staying patient but turned on the jets to keep the hard edges between the running back and the reach of the arms. There are plenty of teams to play for Brown, but keep an eye on Georgia, Tennessee, Clemson and Oklahoma as the recruitment process unfolds.


Defensive back MVP: Avion Terrell

Terrell has high standards and expectations are high for his brother, former five-star AJ Terrell. He was listed as a security guard but he had excellent coverage of people on Sunday. Terrell showed very quick and nice footwork, which helped him keep the receiver locked. He made several plays while the ball was in the air but often his coverage was so tight that it forced quarterbacks to throw badly. Clemson is a key player in Terrell but Michigan State, Kentucky, Texas A&M and Auburn are in his top five.


More all-camp selection

Positional MVP awards may go to one person but many more top performers should be recognized: three-star Arkansas quarterback Comit Malachi Singleton, Florida State 2024 rivals 250 running backs Cameron Davis, three-star receiver Shaun Williamson, A Line promise Bradyn Joiner, 2024 rivals 250 defensive end Justin Green, linebacker Olan Robinson and defensive back Tevis Metcalfe.


Rival Invitations to Underclassmen Challenge

The Rival Underclassman Challenge will be held in Atlanta this summer, and these possibilities were invited from the Atlanta Regional Stop:

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