Roundtable: Top moment in rivals’ Underclassman Challenge

Atlanta – The Rival Underclassman Challenge Wrapped up, but there are still plenty of stories to test. Our analysts- Adam Friedman, Adam Gorny, Ryan Wright, Cole Patterson And Clint Cosgrove – Sit at the competitors’ round table and discuss their favorite moments from this week’s event.

Adam Gorny: “I like the Big Man bench at rivals’ events over the years. Over the years, some of the best offensive and defensive linemen in college football and the NFL Draft have sat on the bench and let delegates out, whether it’s Bryce Foster or Brian Bressi Friday or many more. The rival Underclassman has really pumped 26 delegates to the Challenge and made a statement that tied for the top-seven performances in the most recent NFL combine, from someone who is still a sophomore high school. She was seen dancing in the stands after the championship belt. “

Ryan Wright: “Kamari McClellan took the QB MVP honor in Atlanta Rival Camp Series And winning the Skill Challenge and Long Ball toss on Friday morning ignited the fire. During the skill part, McClellan was on the point nailing target throw. During the 61-yard ride in the long-ball competition, he proved that he is more than a right hand man. It was all about fitting the ball into a tight window for the 1-on-1, on the expected route, and tying the footwork with the strength of the arm showing Saturday’s arm. “

Eddie Pierre-Louis

Eddie Pierre-Louis

Cole Patterson: “Deep ball possession in traffic in 1-on-1 seconds in Norrell White’s contest was the catch of the day from my vantage point. White finally showed his downfield ability on the rep by beating his man before making a solid grab against a very good coverage. John. Mississippi.” The prospect had a strong ubiquitous performance in Atlanta, and that was definitely the highlight. “

Adam Friedman: “The catch in one hand by Kean Berry-Johnson was the game of the day for me. The throw was a bit high and the coverage was tight but for Johnson it didn’t matter. That we will watch that clip for a long time. “

Clint Cosgrove: “Anyone who witnesses the unprecedented one-handed capture of Kevin Berry-Johnson will be hard pressed not to be named as one of the most memorable moments of the camp. Line won the MVP award. Pierre-Lewis had already won the bench press competition earlier in the day and was given the champion belt which he gave to his mother to keep him safe. Letting the whole crowd know that Pierre-Louis is his son. The best part is that he wore a belt like a WWE champion while shouting for joy. He was a proud witness and his true enthusiasm for his son’s success that I will always remember. “

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