Roundtable: Taken from rivals’ Underclassman Challenge

Atlanta – The Rival Underclassman Challenge Wrapped up, but there are still plenty of stories to test. Our analysts- Adam Friedman, Adam Gorny, Ryan Wright And Clint Cosgrove – Sit at the competitors’ roundtable and discuss their biggest takeaways from this week’s event.

Adam Friedman: “The Underclassman Challenge confirms that I’m coming out of what I thought Rival Camp Series In Miami earlier this year – Eddie Pierre-Louis was one of the best offensive linemen in the 2024 class. The Tampa area is one of the strongest prospects of an absolutely tolerant and possibly next cycle race inside the standout offensive line. Currently in fourth place in his position, I can see Pierre-Louis moving into the top three and the opponent rising far above No. 184 in the 250. There is some technical fog that he has to work on but when he got his hands on the defensive lineman on Friday, they couldn’t do anything to get him backfield. “

Adam Gorny: “My biggest takeaway from the rivals’ underclassman challenge is that there’s no way to have 19 better cornerbacks than Christian Dunbar-Hawkins in the 2024 class. Bellflower (Calif.) Playing in St. John’s Bosco, Dunbar-Hawkins was with every receiver, showed a strong instinct and anticipation of where the ball was going, the ball broke well and exploded more than I have seen from him in the past. It simply came to our notice then.

Ryan Wright: “I’ve seen Winston Watkins a dozen and a half times this offseason, and he still hasn’t been disappointed or gone down to an elite level of play.

“The IMG Academy receiver has other elements of its game that come to mind when it comes to ranking the 2025 class to be among the best in its class – speed, route racing, athleticsism – but its arm is a safe area for QB and pigskins. Concentration level is the next level. Able to get close with the defender, and once the ball hits his hand, the exchange is complete.

Clint Cosgrove: “My biggest concern is the amount of undiscovered talent participating in our camp series and how important these camps are for recruiting players. While there were multiple offers for many young players at the camp, there were also much lesser known players.

“As a Midwest analyst, I will use Kevin Berry-Johnson as an example. He was one of the top playmakers in the Underclassman Challenge and was able to hit the nation’s top young talent, but his list of offers in Connecticut and Houston is more palace than some. Many people criticize these camps as underwear Olympics and claim that it means nothing. What these same people don’t know is an important part of these camps. The recruitment process and college teams actually pay for the film. There are examples of players making offers after strong rivalry camp performances, but I’ll show you how effective the rest of Berry-Johnson’s post-field performance after field performances is that Friday morning. “

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