Rival Underclassman Challenge: The best of the Cubs

Atlanta – This arm is genius Rival Underclassman Challenge Friday was an embarrassing event for the asset. By pulling the top potential from the 2024-26 class, representatives from the West Coast, South, Midwest and East Coast make their communities and schools proud.

McLellan Chamber

McClellan enters the Underclassman Challenge and achieves the finish Rival Camp Series Regional MVP honors in Atlanta. Against the fierce competition in the QB room, McClellan took part in the camp’s skill set to win, and Pigskin tossed 61-yards to win the long ball contest. The 1-on-1s were highly competitive with the best of corners and safes, throw after throw McClellan makes it look so easy.


Miles Jackson

There is a style below the center on the west coast and Jackson embodies that style of play. Calm and quiet, Jackson was a true technologist throughout the Challenge. Jackson was always throwing darts at the target with his pass with a quick compact release. Adding to the total package, he had really good expectations against DBs waiting for a break or taking his receivers to the scene.


Mabre Metaware

The Texas QB Gunner is a real thing, and Metaware brought it with him to Atlanta. The big body, the Sunday arm, the meteor was tearing the pass with extra sauce to fit the pass in the smallest window. Metaware was tested during various drills to show that he is well trained and has no problem sitting for the test.


KJ Jackson

A QB spin out from a left hand can make it difficult to connect to a new receiver in a camp; There was no problem getting close to Jackson on the top target running route on Friday. Rotating to his left or right during the footwork drill, Jackson was in his game. Competing in small net targets, Jackson was consistently good. During the long-ball toss, Jackson turned it 58 yards.


Jaden O’Neal

As wild as it may seem for a prospect who hasn’t started high school yet, O’Neill ran for MVP consideration. One of the youngest quarterbacks in the camp, O’Neill didn’t see it. Tough throughout the early part of the camp, he survived by making “Oh” and “Ahs” with his passing talent during the 1-on-1.

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