Rival Rankings Week: Who should be the five stars in the next refresh?

The 19 five-stars of the new 2023 Rival 250 were unveiled on Monday and many players were discussed but they did not cut. Rivals.com National Recruitment Analysts each make their case that any player should be five stars in the next ranking update, which was tentatively planned for August before the start of the high school season.


2023 Ranking Class: Competitors 250 | Team | Location | State

2023 Rivals Ranking Week:

Sunday: Who can beat Arch Manning over 250 rivals?

Monday: Five Star Countdown | Should Samson Okunlola be number 1? | Meet the new five stars

Tuesday: Rival 250 released

Wednesday: Offensive position ranking published

Thursday: Defensive position ranking published

Friday: Final state ranking published


Clint Cosgrove Tech: Eth Malachi Coleman

Malachi Coleman

Malachi Coleman (Casey Friton)

“There are several five-star nominees from the Midwest, and it would be easy to make a clear appointment for this honor, like Drake Bowen, Caden Green, Miles McVeigh, Luke Montgomery and Brennan Vernon. I would rather go on a limb by picking four-star athlete Malachi Coleman from Nebraska. Coleman is not choosing because I see him as a better footballer than the other five-star players on the other end of the spectrum. I chose Coleman instead because I think he has the most versatility and position versatility of all the other candidates.

“Coleman’s development last season was mind-boggling and I truly believe he will continue to do so. A 6-foot-5 frame that can add at least 30 pounds, Coleman complete package. Like any other player in the country, his position is versatile, he has every ambiguity and he can fly 10.46 in 100 meters and 21.31 in 200 with personal best. And his ceiling is limitless when it comes to how good he can be in a few years from now.

“His appointment appears to be a war between Nebraska, Alabama, Oregon, Georgia and the USC, but he is not as close to making a decision as he is today.”


Adam Friedman’s Tech: DB Bravian Rogers

“There’s at least one more five-star cornerback in this class, maybe two, but I’m a big fan of Bravian Rogers. The Texas A&M Commit matches any receiver and has elite speeds. Rogers may not have much experience against top-flight receivers but he is a playmaker that should be able to excel at the next level. I’m looking forward to seeing Rogers compete on the national stage down the road and I think those special physical features will shine. ”

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Adam Gorny’s Tech: DB Caleb Downs

Caleb Downs

Caleb Downs (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

“Caleb Downs is someone I wanted to push to a more five-star status because it is inevitable that he will end up with that top ranking. Can and then can break on the ball, and pass as a covering or center fielder in the slot.His athlete chart is off.

From a physical point of view, Downs is not a definite five-star but his knowledge of position, the way he plays the position and his productivity will add to the conversation as one of the best players in the class. “


Tech by Nick Harris: Arabic Ruben Owens

Ruben Owens

Ruben Owens (Rival.com)

“While the 2022 NFL Draft didn’t see a run back from the board until the second round, the need for an elite all-purpose race that could open up an NFL offense still remains. Looking at some mock drafts for a more in-depth draft class in 2023, Bijan Robinson, Jahmir Gibbs, Zach Evans and Devon Aachen are all names that are in first round consideration and names that could compete at a higher level in the NFL.

“Looking at all of these names, you’ll see a direct link to the appointment of Ruben Owens. Texas (Robinson), TCU (Evans’ former team) and Texas A&M (Aachen) are at the top of his list and Texas Running back coach. Tashred Choice Gibbs has been the position coach at Georgia Tech for the past two seasons.

“Owens’ all-purpose ability was on display in his junior season, but it was on the 7-on-7 circuit this spring where Owens really excelled in the receiving game. Run for 50 touchdowns. His frame and speed are translatable features for the next level, and he looks like a sure first round pick after 3-4 seasons. “


Ryan Rights Tech: Arabic Justice Haynes

“The only thing stopping Justice Haynes from being a five-star is the NFL Draft. With the Blessed Trinity 6A going on the Georgia defense on the high school field, there is nothing left to prove Haynes as a tailback. Haynes is a workhorse player who crosses 2,375 yards in 295 touch 12 games with 29 scores. Adding to that, he could also catch outside of backfield with 10 receptions for 136 yards, posting two more scores during his junior promotion.

“After seeing the defending national champions over the weekend, Haynes has an official tour with Florida, USC, Alabama and Ohio State. The four-star back collegiate is on track for glory, but it may not be the first-round draft pick because the NFL no longer values ​​that position.

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