Rival Rankings Week: Who Can Remove Arch Manning to No. 1?

The updated rankings for the 2023 class will be released on Monday and will focus on who sits at No. 1. Arch Manning has maintained the top spot since August last year but there are plenty of challengers in this ranking update.

National Recruiting Director Adam Gorny and Rival.com National Recruitment Analyst made their case because of the possibility that they think Manning’s No. 1 position in Rival 250 is the biggest threat.


2023 Ranking Class: Competitors 250 | Team | Location | State

2023 Rivals Ranking Week:

Monday: Five Star Countdown

Tuesday: Rival 250 released

Wednesday: Offensive position ranking published

Thursday: Defensive position ranking published

Friday: Final state ranking published


Clint Cosgrove Tech: CB Cormani McClean

Cormani McClain

Kormani McClain (Rival.com)

“The answer to that question for me is Kormani McClain. The hard part when it comes to suing McClain as the No. 1 prospect in Class 2023 is to accept the position of the corners in the NFL Draft. Derek Stingley Jr. came in at No. 3 and Ahmed ‘Sos’ Gardner came in at No. 4 this year. Has done.

“The way pass-happy NFL offenses are evolving has made the No. 1 receiver of an offense extremely valuable, and that’s why I see McClean as a player who has a legitimate first-shot shot four years ago. McClain’s size, skill, athleticism and coverage ability. There’s a great combination that every successful defensive back needs. At 6-foot-2, it has a protective size and a small lockdown corner coverage capability. Make it a non-factor in the plan.

“I’ve trained defensive backs at the college level, evaluating them as scouts for as long as I’ve trained them, and seeing McClean come out of high school can be the best. To keep up, McClean has to do a lot to not be a candidate for the No. 1 player in the country.


Adam Friedman’s Tech: Eth Nichols Harbor

Nichols Harbor

Nichols Harbor

“There’s no more unique athlete than Harbor in the 2023 class. He’s a legitimate track star and should be irresistible at the next level of defense. Now that track season is coming to an end, Harbor is getting back into football mode. Last season he was technically a bit raw and still 17. There were sacks. The number of sacks could increase if Harbor continued to refine his game. There is a possibility of constant chaos in his backfield. Even the best quarterback is ineffective. . “


Adam Gornie’s Tech: D’Samuel M’Pemba

Samuel M'Pemba

Samuel M’Pemba (Rival.com)

“Kormani McClain is going to be a popular pick here because he is an outstanding cornerback and very smooth in position and he will be the first No. 1 cornerback after Derek Stingley Jr. in the 2019 class. But my pick is Samuel M. Pemba. He could be an outside linebacker. Rasha may be, he is a physical model and has the ability to play multiple positions in his defense. Coming out of that No. 1 line, M’Pemba should be taken seriously. ”


Tech by Nick Harris: QB Malachi Nelson

Malachi Nelson

Malachi Nelson

“College-ready frames and the elite ability of Los Alamitos (California) five-star quarterback Malachi Nelson have kept him in conversation for his No. 1 QB and No. 1 overall appointment since his second season. He throws hard all over his body, is consistent down the field and is preparing to move to a perfect system for his skills at USC Lincoln Riley


Ryan Rights Tech: CB Cormani McClain

“Overall a cornerback slot at No. 1 can be hard for most people to keep their heads down, but Kormani McClean is very good. The Lake Gibson Five-Star is big, fast, and technically as good as they come. If he meets expectations in a game, in practice or in a 6-on-6 tournament, the added bonus to his cover skills is that he’s not afraid to mix it up in the run-up to the game. When the 2022 season comes to an end, he may not have the ghostly statistics as the Florida teams will avoid him as much as possible, but it should not be taken away from how far he dominates the field. “

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