Rival Rankings Week: Top 10 Team Analysis in Updated Rankings

1. Our Lady

Top Promises: Why?

Total commitment: 14

Rivals 250 promises: 9

Notable remaining goals: Dante Moore, Charles Jagusah, Jason Moore

Fighting Irish are clicking on all cylinders in recruitment. Marcus Freeman And his staff has 14 commitments in 2023 class and 13 of them have four four-star prospects The way Notre Dame has recruited offensive and defensive lines so far, the Irish should be kept in elite companies by the end of the recruitment cycle and they should have a case for the best defensive line class in the whole country. Hopefully most of the rest of Notre Dame’s class will be added to the more aggressive playmaker, secondary and quarterback.

Promise list: Our lady

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2. Texas Tech

Top Promises: Isaiah Crawford

Total commitment: 20

Rivals 250 promises: 2

Notable remaining targets: Avon Carter, Justin Horn, Jordan Sunford

If the recruitment cycle ends today, it will be the highest ranked class in Texas Tech in the history of competitors, but there is still a long way to go. The Red Riders will not be able to hold on to their No. 2 spot in the team rankings with an average of 3.2 per commit star per commit, but some of their highly rated goals still remain. Without any big promises, first year head coach Joey McGuire And his staff will most likely have Texas Tech’s third top 25 recruitment class when everything is said and done.

While some say that Texas Tech’s class ranking is not an accurate representation of quality, keep in mind that the Red Riders have more commitment than any other DI team and they have established a class of that size with impressive speed. They should not be punished with lower ranking for working faster than other teams. They should be rewarded with recognition for their quick work and their current rankings do just that.

Promise list: Texas Tech

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3. Cincinnati

Top Promises: Deh McCluff

Total commitment: 18

Rivals 250 promises: 0

Notable remaining targets: Owners LG, Anthony Brown, Jermaine Matthews

Luke Fickel And his squad crashed into the college football playoffs last season and they still do the same in the team rankings. With the second-highest promise, the Bearcats have an average star of just 3.11 per promise, so Cincinnati will see a drop in its rankings as more players will be committed to schools across the country.

The landing promises of McCullough and four-star Tight & Farm Anderson have helped take this class to historic heights, and another top 40 recruiting class (their third in the last four years) has a lot of potential.

Promise list: Cincinnati

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4. Ohio State

Top Promises: Luke Montgomery

Total commitment: 10

Rivals 250 promises: 8

Notable remaining goals: Colonel Tate, Brandon Inis, Jason Moore, Noah Rogers

There will be a lot of talk about Ohio State’s recruitment class in the coming months, but the most impressive statistic about this class so far is that the Buckeyes are the least promising in the top seven and still have the fourth-best class.

The impact of the change on the coaching staff was not exactly reflected in the team rankings. With the new offensive line coach Justin Fry On board, the Buckeyes retain the promise of two opposing 100 offensive linemen and another in the 250 opponent.

New defensive coordinator Jim Knowles And defensive back coach Tim Walton And Perry Eliano The two rivals are feeling their presence by promising the medium from 250 defensive backs, and there are plenty of other main targets.

Don’t forget about hiring receiver coaches and ace Brian Hartline, Either way there are at least two places left for receivers in this category and some possibilities that Tate, Inis and Rogers have focused on the heartline.

Promise list: State of Ohio

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5. North-west

Top Promises: Mason Robinson

Total commitment: 17

Rivals 250 promises: 0

Notable remaining goals: Adepoju Adebawore, Jordan Sanford, Parker Jenkins

Northwestern has only finished in the top 50 category once in the history of the rival team’s rankings. Think about it when other people don’t care about this 5th ranking. What? Pat Fitzgerald And what his staff has done so far in this class is extremely impressive, with the promise of two four-star front-seven defenders and a handful of high-rated three-star prospects.

The Wildcats have the third-highest commitment, so their rankings will be adjusted as more teams will collect something of their own. But this north-west class has many years of contributors, some of whom will follow other teams throughout the rest of the recruitment cycle.

Promise list: Northwest

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6. Penn State

Top Promises: Alex Birchmeier

Total commitment: 12

Rivals 250 promises: 3

Notable remaining goals: Treyon Webb, Yazid Haynes, Jason Moore, Ta’mere Robinson, Tony Rojas

James Franklin And his staff is no stranger to the top 10 in the rival team rankings. The Nitani Lions finished at No. 8 last year and No. 5 in 2018. This year could be a battle for them to stay in the top 10, but considering where they stand with a number, the odds seem to be in their favor with an unexpected four-star prospect.

Like many other schools, Penn State’s current commitments have done a very good job of helping to achieve other high-rated goals. Birchmeier, Lamont Payne, Mathias Barnwell and Joey Schlaffer entered the Penn State with the rest of the top goals, and many other committees were a big part of why Penn State was chosen.

Promise list: Penn State

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7. Arkansas

Top Promises: Look Hedge

Total commitment: 12

Rivals 250 promises: 2

Notable remaining goals: Omerion Miller, Brylan Shelby, Madden Sankar

Sam Pitman College Coaching is one of the most popular names in the world and his initial success with Razorback helped pave the way for recruitment. There are eight top 25 recruitment classes in Arkansas, and it could be ninth if everything goes the way Pitman wants.

It would be important to keep Hodge folded, but Arkansas has cut its work for itself. Razorbacks have an inherently difficult recruitment area because there aren’t many high rate in-state targets in and out of the year, but they are already committed to the potential of eight different states. Arkansas needs to continue that trend in order to stay high in the team rankings.

Promise list: Arkansas

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8. Tennessee

Top Promises: Niko Imaleva

Total commitment: 9

Rivals 250 promises: 5

Notable remaining goals: Colonel Tate, Francis Mauigoa, Chandvian Bradley, Rico Walker

Vols is ready to sign an impressive recruitment class and much of it has to do with promises from Imleva. Wants to play with talent like him has a lot of high potential from all over the country.

So far, Tennessee has only four promises on the offensive side of the ball, but that number should increase dramatically before the upcoming season. Defensively, Tennessee already has seven promises at the front and another 250 at midfielder.

Josh Huppel And its staff is hosting high-ranking prospects this spring and there could be big returns on those efforts in the very distant future.

Promise list: Tennessee

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9. Louisville

Top Promises: Dendre Moore

Total commitment: 10

Rivals 250 promises: 3

Notable remaining targets: Ruben Owens, Madden Sankar, Stanquan Clark

A lot of credit has to go Scott Sutterfield For this recruiting class, however, a promising landing from Rivals250 quarterback Pierce Clarkson could turn Louisville into its best class of all time. The Cardinals finished at the top 29 in the team rankings, but they will have to lose that mark if they continue on this track.

Lewisville is in the top 10 at the moment due to Clarkson’s commitment to the rival 250 prospects and Clarkson’s relationship with the current Cardinals, and others may decide to join rival 250 quarterbacks from California.

Promise list: Louisville

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10. USC

Top Promises: Malachi Nelson

Total commitment: 7

Rivals 250 promises: 4

Notable remaining targets: Brandon Inis, Nicholas Harbor, Francis Mauigoa

With Lincoln Riley Led by several new arrivals through the transfer portal, the Trojans are again doing a lot for them and that speed seems to be on the way to recruitment. The USC is ready for the top 10 recruitment classes for just the second time since the 2018 cycle, and the Trojans have already locked some big promises.

Nelson leads the way, but the five-star wide receiver Zakaria branch could be an immediate contributor. Seven of the current USC commitments have at least four star prospects, and five of them play on the offensive side of the ball.

USC has hit a rhythm with high-ranking prospects from across the country, so expect to try hosting Trojans and locking up lots of top-end recruits during this busy visit season.

Promise list: USC

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