Rival Rankings Week: The ten biggest risers in Rival 250

The latest update of the 2023 Rival 250 has come out and there are many changes. Here’s a look at the 10 biggest movers of the new competitor 250.

2023 Ranking Class: Competitors 250 | Team

QB Austin Novosad

Appropriate Creator: 110 spots

The strong armed Baylor Commit was a really impressive spring. He has shown that he can deliver passes on time and accurately despite tight coverage or adverse weather.

Novosad checks the boxes when it comes to its physical features as well. He stands tall at 6-foot-3 and has a solid foundation of his footwork, which helps him in all other areas of the game. In the game situation, Novosad went right through his reed and made the right throw, resulting in a 4: 1 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

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LB Tony Rojas

Appropriate Creator: 99 spots

Rojas is an elite athlete from Linebacker who can literally cover sideline from sideline. Its speed and length match the back of any race and the toughest edge. Rojas is a very physical heater despite his fatless frame. He should meet well when he reaches the next level and is expected to be an influential player once he becomes physically fit.

Rojas was in Clemson just for an official visit and he has toured Georgia, Miami and Penn State this month.


DL by job

Appropriate Creator: 97 spots

Jobe has an explosive defensive end that can enter the backfield and play in space. It has the frame and length to give offensive linemen problems regardless of the game situation. Job’s acceleration and overall speed are really different in the film.

Once he hits his man, Jobe’s ball is flying in the carrier and taking a big hit. The Oklahoma native has a lot of potential and that’s a big reason why he’s rising in the rankings and why programs like Alabama, Oklahoma and many more are following him.


WR owns LG

Appropriate Creator: 87 spots

A large, powerful receiver, LG has proven to be an inconsistency with almost every defensive back that line up across it. At 6-foot-2 and 206 pounds, he is a touch matchup for small defensive backs because he is very strong and uses his frame to protect them from the ball. The long defensive back makes it difficult to keep up with LG due to its ability to run the route and overall speed.

LG has caused a stir in various ways and college instructors across the country are hoping to see him on campus this summer. He visited Illinois this past weekend and is touring Cincinnati this weekend.



Appropriate Creator: 87 spots

Despite losing more than 75 pounds, Thomason is still one of the most aggressive linemen in the class. At about 6-foot-8, the Texas A&M Promise has proven to be a patient and disciplined pass blocker. Thomason, surprisingly, is a destructive run blocker who pushes his man away from the scrimmage line and opens up huge race lanes for the ball carrier.

He can push the defensive linemen around so big and almost arbitrarily but the rankings will have a big hand of continued physical development in determining where he will end up.

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WR Aiden Williams

Appropriate Creator: 82 spots

Williams is another great receiver that excels in man coverage. He is not necessarily a burner but Williams has a very physical and strong arm so he can bring the ball down in traffic. Williams is an intelligent root runner who knows what subtle movements can keep defenders out of balance.

There are six programs left for Williams’ promise but Ole Miss and LSU seem to have the best shots.


Arabic Quentin Tide

Appropriate Creator: 80 spots

Joyner raced back with an incredibly productive lot of speed. The USC Committee posted about 2,500 racing yards and more than 30 touchdowns last season and ran a sub-11-second 100m last summer.

Joyner is a patient who is going backwards with strength and size to fight against defenders and with run breaks for big gains. He does a great job looking at his running lane and is a decisive runner that keeps his balance well.

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OL Austin Searveld

Appropriate Creator: 78 spots

A huge internal offensive lineman, Sierraveld is a road grader who opens up moving lanes and puts defensive linemen on their heels. The Ohio State Committee is doing a good job setting and resetting his arms and legs as defensive linemen try different steps to get around him.

Searveld Pass also does a good job of protecting. His heavy arm and long arm help him keep the defenders out of the backfield.

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DL Edrick Hill

Appropriate Creator: 73 spots

Hill is a physical, offensive and active defensive tackle that does a good job of isolating himself from offensive linemen and chasing a ball carrier. At 6-foot-2, Hill is certainly not a small lineman and has room to continue adding strength and mass to his frame as he grows older.

Hill holds his ground against the run and uses his leverage to prevent the offensive linemen from moving the scrimmage line.

Nebraska, Iowa, USC, LSU, Alabama and a few more are in a tough position with Hill as the summer inspection season begins.


DB owner Hartford

Appropriate Creator: 63 spots

A big, broad security, a major playmaker at Hartford Secondary. The Ohio State Committee is a very good run defender and uses his speed to chase the ball career. The Hartford quarterback could catch the eye and effectively cover the deep midfield. He does a good job in jump ball situations as well as has a strong knowledge of time.

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