Rival Rankings Week: States with the most players in Rival 250

The updated competitor 250 for the class of 2023 has been released, and many common states known for creating elite talent are again at the top. The South continues to reign supreme, and there have been some movements in those five states while the same five states were at the top of our last revelation.

Although the number of players represented from Lone Star State is slightly lower, Texas is ahead of the pack with 43 possibilities in the latest update. It is followed by Florida with 41 prospects, New 3rd Alabama with 22 and Georgia with 19. Louisiana is in the top five with 16 possibilities in the new rival 250.

The latest Release: New 2023 State Ranking


2023 Rival Rankings Week

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Texas – 43 chances

Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill (Rival.com)

Texas is still ahead of the pack with 43 chances in the latest rival 250, but it has lost a total of seven players in the previous rankings. Five-star prospect LB Anthony Hill, along with five-star OG TJ Shanahan Jr., topped the list ahead of SDE David Hicks Jr. and new five-star CB Javian Tovieno.

Although Texas has seven fewer players than the previous ranking release, it is ahead of 250 newcomers competing with 11. The most notable newcomer to Texas is CB Jevan Thomas, who debuted as the 39th overall player. In addition to the new additions, the biggest riser in the rankings is Baylor QB Comit Austin Novosad, who jumped 110 spots to 136.


Florida – 41

Cormani McClain

Kormani McClain (Rival.com)

Sunshine State is again at No. 2 overall, but it closes the gap for Texas with 41 chances. Florida also has the most five-stars, including a total of six, led by No. 2 overall player Kormani McClean, followed by Samuel M’Pemba, Cornell Tate, Brandon Inis, Haikim Williams and Notre Dame Comte Keane Kylie.

The Ohio State CB Committee, led by Dijon Johnson, has six competing 250 newcomers from the state, who debuted at number 88 overall. The biggest riser in the state is WR William Fowles, who jumped 60 spots to 164. Tate has also been named the country’s No. 1 WR and the country’s No. 5 overall player.


Alabama – 22

Caldrick Fuck

Caldrick Fuck (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Alabama has risen to the new 3rd position, beating Georgia by 22 chances in its latest rival 250. The lack of five-star potential in the state continues, but the number of players has increased from 20 in our previous release.

OT Wilkin Formby and Georgia OG Commit Ryqueze McElderry are two competitors from Alabama with 250 newcomers. The biggest riser in the state is WDE Caldrick Fock, who jumped 39 spots to reach 53rd overall.


Georgia – 19

AJ Harris

AJ Harris (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Peach State dropped to fourth place with a total of 19 players in the rival 250, down from 21 players in the previous release. While the country’s 27th player CB AJ Harris has a high number of four-star players who will be considered for five-star status in future updates, Georgia Alabama does not have five-star players.

Georgia did not have a player who made a significant leap in the rankings, but the latest opponent in the state, SDE TJ Searcy, is a newcomer to 250, who has made his debut as the 233rd player in the country.


Louisiana – 17

Arch Manning

Arch Manning (Rival.com)

In QB Arch Manning, Louisiana is again in the top five with 17 chances and is the No. 1 overall player in the country. The number of players representing Louisiana has remained the same in the latest ranking update, with the state dropping one five-star player and seven players in the top 100 compared to the 11 rival 100 players in the previous release.

Unlike previous Rivals250 releases, which had no newcomers in Louisiana, the state has two of the latest updates from OT Tyree Adams and WDE Ashley Williams Jr., which debuted at 147 and 250, respectively. The biggest riser in the state is S. Kylen Jackson who jumped 34 spots to rise to 108th position.

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