Rival Rankings Week: Four new five stars unveiled for 2023

Rival ranking week for the 2023 class began Monday and four new five-star prospects have been unveiled. Take a closer look at each player promoted to elite status. Rival 250 for the 2023 class will be released on Tuesday.


2023 Ranking Category: Competitors 250 | Team | Location | State

2023 Rivals Ranking Week:

Sunday: Who can beat Arch Manning over 250 rivals?

Monday: Five Star Countdown | Should Samson Okunlola be number 1?

Tuesday: Rival 250 released

Wednesday: Offensive position ranking published

Thursday: Defensive position ranking published

Friday: Final state ranking published


W. R. Zakaria branch

“The Zakaria branch had a huge junior season, he dominated Rival Camp Series There are no more explosive receivers in Los Angeles and in this class – and it’s probably not even close. Las Vegas Bishop Gorman’s standout is small but he’s getting more and more physically developed so the cornerbacks can’t push him around and he’s blowing by them regularly.

“He has great hands, he is a great playmaker and should be the right fit for the branch Lincoln RileyIts a crime in the USC. Over the years, the branch has arguably emerged as one of the best overall receivers in the class and, of course, one of the best playmakers. “ Adam Gorny, National Recruiting Director

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That’s Samson Okunlola

“Samson Okunola was one of the stars of the offseason and that’s exactly what happened. Philadelphia rival camp He measured 6-feet-5, 315 pounds with an 85-inch wing span so he physically checked all the boxes. Twice this spring, seeing him work personally, he has the flexibility and playful power to dominate the high school level and be an early contributor to the Power Five level.

“Okunlola keeps his pad level low while playing with great leverage and running or running or sliding past plays to be in front of his man. Okunlola will bring some position versatility to the college team he chooses. His skills will set any position along the offensive line. Translation but he obviously feels more comfortable in the left tackle at this point in his career.

“Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon and Penn State have all become Okunola’s recently announced top nine. And Miami this month. ” Adam Friedman, National Recruiting Analyst / Ranking Director


CB Javien Tovieno

Xavier Toviano

Xavier Toviano (Rival.com)

“Arlington (Texas) Martin cornerback Javien Toviano exploded on the first radar at the start of his first varsity when he met 2021 five-star athlete Zatavian Sanders and held himself in coverage, which was difficult now against Texas Longhorn.

“Since then, Toviano has only sharpened his tactics while developing the Medium into one of the best physical prospects in the country. His junior season has seen him line up against multiple Power Five receivers and lock down anyone who steps forward.” Man can play coverage and easily lock down a team’s best receiver, and lock down half the field in zone coverage. One of the best in the country.

“Toviano Texas has moved into the summer with programs like A&M, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas and Oregon that are hotly debated among schools.” – Nick Harris, National Recruitment Analyst


WR Highcom Williams

“The 2023 recruiting class receiver is loaded with Difference Maker and Highkim Williams is one of the best out there. Throughout the offseason, Williams did not shy away from competing, playing his game cross country in 7-on-7 events. Whatever the rivalry, there is no match on the other side of the ball for Williams. Its height and spread of its wings give it an instant edge but its arms, speed and gait push it to the elite level making it five star. Add it all up, he’s such an athlete they come from.

“Williams has his favorite program – everyone wants and needs him. Pete, Georgia, Alabama and Texas A&M are in constant conversation for his verbal commitment. Florida State and Miami make his top six rounds.” Ryan Wright, National Recruitment Analyst

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