Rival Rankings Week: Breaking 2023 lbs

No. Step 1: Anthony Hill

Denton (Texas) Ryan Inside linebacker Anthony Hill remains the only linebacker in the five-star rank because he holds his high standards not only in his position group, but also in all the possibilities of the class. Hill has risen one place in the state rankings as he is now nationally just behind Austin (Texas) Westlake Five-Star offensive tackle TJ Shanahan.

Although Hill has some versatility in the Pass Rush game, possibly in a Micah Person-type role, he is the only linebacker to move to Tackett Curtis 61 in the top 50. There will not be much competition in the linebacker position inside, but outside supporters like owner Bryant and Drake Bowen are within significant distance.

Hill’s appointment is in its final stages as he will continue his four-day official tour of Alabama this coming weekend after a trip to Oklahoma this past weekend. Hill will end June with an official visit to the USC on June 17-19 and to Texas on June 24-26. However, the perceived leader is Texas A&M because the Aggies continue to work hard to stay on top despite not landing a summer official. Hill will return to College Station in late July.


Two programs to watch: Notre Dame and Texas

Drake Bowen

Drake Bowen (Rival.com)

Notre Dame has already claimed the country’s No. 1 recruiting class after the release of the updated Competitor 250, and it is a big part of its twin linebacker committees at Drake Bowen and Preston Ginter.

Although the Irish have begun to meet a little more than usual at this point in the class cycle, the needs of the linebackers still remain and they remain in the mix for the best in the country. Jaiden Ausberry Notre Dame is at the top of his list, and if he can bring his hometown out of Baton Rouge, I’ll see the Irish win. Braylan Shelby, a new member of Rivals100, has been waiting a long time for an offer from Notre Dame, and if it does, it could be a game-changer for his recruits.

On the Texas side, Longhorn has S’Maje Burrell, who has been able to hide after a strong performance in the rival 250 this time around. Rival Camp Series Stop in Dallas early this spring.

From there, there are many different options for a location group that are defensive coordinators Pete Kwatkowski And linebackers coaches Jeff Choet Will have to load up in 2023. Anthony Hill, Brylan Shelby, Darion Gulett, Leona Lefeau and Jalen Smith are all expected to be on campus for an official visit to Texas this summer, as both names will be a step to the right for a badly eroded location group in Austin.

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Three possibilities to visit: Braylan Shelby, Derion Gullette, Tony Rojas

Brylan Shelby

Braylan Shelby (rival.com)

A pair of Texas linebackers have made a big splash in their respective debuts at 250, and Brylan Shelby is leading the pair from 83rd overall. Shelby’s frame, athleticism and explosion are all ready for college and her violent streak supports her impressive physical features. A big spring on the track and field, where he was able to make 45-foot triple jumps at 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds, which is already impressive at first glance which allows him to apply more athletic context. Texas and the USC are seen as favorites for an outing with Tennessee, but a potential offer from Notre Dame could turn everything around.

Darion Gulett follows Shelby just three points behind at No. 86 because the bi-directional small-school Texas Star does nothing but captivate the public eye every time. Shortly after a junior season where Gulett led his team to the first state semifinals of the century, big offers from programs like Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oregon and more began to come up with his already impressive list of impressive in-state offers. From Texas and Texas A&M. His versatility at the second level and his state-qualified track pace have made him one of the more intriguing and explosive linebackers in the country. Both Longhorns and Agis will work to keep him in touch with programs like Ohio State and Alabama.

Another linebacker that starred on both sides of the ball for his high school team, Virginia native Tony Roges, saw a big shot in the rankings, coming in at number 109 with more than 100 spots. Rojas’s athleticism allows him to run and cover the passer-by in elusive back, run and pass games coming out of the backfield. Despite four schools being in the top grouping, the appointment looks set to be lost to Penn State this summer.

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