Rival Rankings Week: 2023 OL broken

With the 250 competitors updated for 2023 unveiled on Tuesday, now is the time to dive into the position rankings. The offensive position rankings were released today and the next offensive lineman in the spotlight.

No. 1st post: TJ Shanahan

Box defenders have a reputation for being bad and nasty, but Shanahan brings his own junkyard dog mentality to the field. Projected as a guard at the next level, Shanahan plays both right guard and tackle for his Westlake squad. Although he is a giant at 6-foot-5 and 315 pounds, the five-star has very good athleticism that allows him to pull, sometimes clearing two defenders in the process. The level and balance of his pads are tightened with a hard punch on his pass-pro, pushing the linemen backwards. If Shanahan gets his hands on you, play.

Recruitment journey is going on for Shanahan. He’s at the 50-offer mark without cutting his list. Shanahan visited Georgia over the weekend.

Hopefully Kadin Proctor and Samson Okunlola will push Shanahan to that top spot by ranking the finalists.


Two programs to watch: Ohio State and Georgia

Joshua Padilla

Joshua Padilla (Rival.com)

The two teams hiding in front of the 2023 class are Ohio State and Georgia. The Buckeyes already have promises from four-star guards Joshua Padilla and Austin Siereveld and four-star tackle Luke Montgomery. It’s a stacked list and should continue to get better.

The Bulldogs have a word of mouth from four-star tackle Jonathan Hooghly and four-star guard Requiem McAldery. Putting the Bulldogs and Buckeyes on his top list of boys like Samson O’Connell could add to the richness of talent for both squads. Chase Bissantis also has UGA in his final mix and the Bulldogs are trying to keep four-star Madden Sankar at home.

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Three possibilities to visit: Chase Bissantis, Francis Mauigoa, Caden Green

Beware of tackling guards Chase Bissantis and Francis Mauigoa and Caden Green. Bisontis has narrowed its list to Texas A&M, Rutgers, Georgia, LSU and Michigan. Mauigo has dropped to the top six in Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, USC, Miami and Tennessee. After visiting Nebraska and Oklahoma, Green has three more official visits to LSU, Michigan and Missouri.

All three are future all-conference performers who could look forward to playing early in their college careers. On the edge of Mauigoa Five Star status.

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