Rival Rankings Week: 2023 DL broken


No. In the 1st position: Samuel M’Pemba

Moving from the athlete over to the weak defensive end, M’Pemba is now the top-ranked defensive lineman in the rival 250’s. St. Louis is playing at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fl. M’Pemba has a unique defensive potential because he can really succeed in a variety of positions. At 6-foot-4 and 245 pounds, M’Pemba does a great job of finding the ball carrier wherever he is in line. He is an aggressive and physical player who knows how to resist aggressive linemen.

Notre Dame and Oregon M’Pember are key players, but he didn’t say much about the internal workings of his recruitment. Both schools will find him on campus in the near future, when Georgia impressed him on a recent trip to Athens. It seems that the pace of his recruitment will change a few times before everything is said and done.


Two teams to visit: Georgia and Alabama

Jamal Jarrett

Jamal Jarrett (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

It’s not a deep year in defensive tackles, but Georgia is in a good position for a few of them. Mitchell, a four-star CD, has already made official visits to Georgia and Texas A&M, but Dogs looks like a leader for the New Jersey Natives. Top 50 prospect and No. 2 defensive tackle Jamal Jarrett is a big target for Georgia and he has reciprocated the interest. He was on campus earlier this summer and the pace of that tour remains. He will be in Georgia this weekend for his official visit after his official visit to Auburn last weekend. North Carolina is also a big contender for Jarrett. Georgia native Cayden McDonald is also high on the Bulldogs board and McDonald is also interested, but Clemson is a serious contender with Florida, Michigan State, Oklahoma and NC State.

Crimson Tide is hoping to sign a fairly large group of defensive linemen this year, and they have plenty of high-rated goals. Top 60 prospects Peter Woods, James Smith and Kelby Collins are very high on the Alabama board and they are well positioned with three in-state prospects. Another Alabama native, Jacoavis Rusa, is a top target for the Crimson Tide but they would prefer him as an outside linebacker rather than a defensive edge. Alabama has largely followed Notre Dame Five-Star Committee Kevin Kelly and remains so. Florida native Damon Wilson is also high on Alabama’s list of favorites, but Tide hasn’t found him on campus since January. Also keep an eye on Jordan Rand, Edrick Hill and Jordan Hall.

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Three possibilities to see: Victor Barley, Jason Moore, Will Norman

Tennessee, Michigan State, Georgia and Ohio State all want Barley, but they all seem to be chasing Clemson. The Vols and Spartans have already hosted the Georgia native and he was scheduled to visit Athens this weekend, but there is a chance that that will not happen. Clemson has not yet received an official visit from Barley, but he has been on campus in the past. He is also the cousin of Clemson assistant coach Nick Ison, So there are lots of contacts. An official visit to the state of Ohio is scheduled for the end of the month and a promise may not be so far in the future.

Moore, the opponent’s top defensive tackle of 250, is working through his official tour this month and a decision could come next month. Penn State hosted Moore last weekend and Notre Dame is coming up this weekend. Official tours of Michigan and Ohio State will cap the series of his tours this month. Maryland is also in Moore’s top five, but Terpos has not received an official visit from the local star as they have already hosted him on many unofficial tours. Notre Dame is considered a leader, but they are fighting Penn State and Ohio State.

Norman is going on his official visit to Florida this weekend, and if all goes well the Gators could take a breather on his appointment. The IMG Academy Defensive Tackle has a top five, including LSU, Texas A&M, Penn State and Michigan, but Florida has a tendency for it. Penn State is closest to Norman’s home, who is originally from New Jersey, and he likes how he fits there. He feels the same way about LSU but Florida is the only school that is scheduled to host him for an official visit. A promise can come in a few weeks and Florida is a favorite right now.

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