Rival Rankings Week: 2023 DB Break

No. Step 1: Kormani McClean

McClain retains his position as the No. 1 corner in the country and has risen to No. 2 overall in our new ranking update. A 6-foot-2 frame with incredible length and lots of extra weight, a physical specimen on a McClean defensive backfield.

Although its size certainly jumps, it can be argued that McClean’s overall athleticism and body mechanics are more impressive than his NFL prototype frame. What he does on the field shows effortlessly and his coverage ability enables him to snatch the threat of receiving the highest of any opposing team.

McClain may be the most college-ready defensive back prospect I’ve seen all my years coaching and scouting at the high school level. McClean’s appointment could go down very well in the end, and it looks like a three-team contest between Florida, Ohio State and Alabama.


Two teams to visit: Texas A&M and Alabama

Jevan Thomas

Jevan Thomas (Rival.com)

Texas A&M already has two of the top employers in the country. Unless Alabama lands Kormani McClain or Florida McClain and AJ Harris, I can’t sign any team in the country at a better angle than Agis. On top of their current commitment, College Station remains a potential landing spot for a number of top defensive backs, including No. 2 CB Javian Toviano and No. 5 CB Tony Mitchell. The battle for Mitchell’s promise could very well come down to Tide and Agis, with his pledge determining which school has the top defensive backfield class in 2023.

Similar to the corner of Texas A&M, Alabama already has CB Jahleel Hurley, No. 4, and S. Elliott, No. 13, as Washington’s two top defensive backs. The Tide McClean, Mitchell, No. 2S Derek Williams, No. 14 CB Macari Vickers and other top defensive backs remain as legitimate contenders. You can always start a bank Nick SoapIts ability to identify and develop the nation’s best defensive backs, and 2023 shows a trend in that direction again. But Alabama’s recruitment battle with Texas A&M can go a long way in determining which school will sign the top defensive back class, and should be highly entertaining considering the recent dispute between soap and soap. Jimbo Fisher.

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Three players to watch: Christian Gray, Javian Toviano and Amare Snowden

Gray was one of the biggest movers of the latest rival 250 releases, and he’s gotten better ever since. St Louis de Smett’s unexpected corner jumped 49 more spots in the latest rankings to become the country’s 51st overall player. Gray had just taken his first official visit to LSU and will end up with officials in Notre Dame, Ohio State and USC. Although this may seem like a real four-team fight, don’t be surprised if Gray ends up with his old high school coach. Robert Steeples, Who is now a secondary coach at LSU.

Toviano is a special talent who is moving forward with every ranking publication. He is one of the four newly merged five-star recruits and came in as the No. 2 CB recruiter in the country Toviano is incredibly sized to match the sport, and he will probably be an instantly influential player at the next level. What makes him so attractive is how far his assignment can go. Although the Texas A&M gripped him at one point, the number of elite schools for five-stars seemed to have skyrocketed in the wake of his appointment.

Snowden is a must see because of his incredible frame, intelligence, athletic ability and overall uplift. The Rival Camp Series Indianapolis Defensive back MVP is not only a standout player for Gridiron, he is also an incredible baseball player, another testament to his overall athletic prowess. In a recent baseball game attended by MLB scouts, Snowden threw a 13-strikeout no-hitter as a pitcher that could go as a batter with a single, double and home run. This is important to note because baseball can play such a big role in the school that she finally decides to sign and only four of her top six teams have a baseball program. Snowden is open, but his appointments will likely come down to Penn State, Cincinnati and Iowa. If he decides not to play baseball in college, Wisconsin’s mix will be heavy.

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