Rival Rankings Week: 2023 Breaking WRs / TEs

Updated with Rival 250 Unveiling on Tuesday, now is the time to dive into the position rankings. The offensive position ranking is being published today and the next one is the wide receiver and tight end.

New position ranking: Pro-style QB | Dual-threat QB | Arabic | All-purpose RB | WR | T.E.

2023 Ranking Class: Competitors 250 | Team | Location


2023 Rivals Ranking Week:

Sunday: Who can beat Arch Manning over 250 rivals?

Monday: Five Star Countdown | Should Samson Okunlola be number 1? | Meet the new five stars

Tuesday: Rival 250 Published | The biggest risers

Wednesday: Offensive position rankings published | Five teams that should be satisfied with 250 new competitors Breaking the QB ranking Breaking the RB ranking

Thursday: Defensive position ranking published

Friday: Final state ranking published


No. Step 1: Colonel Tate

Tate takes over as the country’s No. 1 receiver prospect It is a move that many have seen come and its overall development over the past year has certainly earned him respect. Tate’s size and speed enable him to expand on the field as an external receiver. Its speed will enable it to stand in line at multiple receiver spots, with the special ability to take a routine down the distance.

This versatility will make him a matchup nightmare at the next level and at the same time make it extremely difficult for him to plan games against defensive coordinators. Tate has a strong hand, he is a polished route runner and has that deadly instinct that the best receivers in football must have.

His recruits continue to evolve as he is one of the most sought after players in the country, but in the end look for the country’s No. 1 receiver to fight for Tennessee, Ohio State, LSU and Notre Dame.


Two programs to watch: USC and Arkansas

As the situation now stands, the USC has the best chance of landing in the top receiver class in 2023. With two of the country‚Äôs top 10 receivers already committed to the new five-star Zakaria Branch and four-star Makai Lemon, USC is the only team with a commitment from the top 10 prospects and the Trojans to boot two of them. The Trojans are in a good position with the country’s No. 2 receiver, Brandon Inis, and if they land him, it will be really difficult for the other team to have three players in the top 10.

Like USC with receivers, Arkansas already has two of the top 10 tight ends committed to Luke Hass and Shamar Easter. The Razorbacks also have a committed No. 27 in Jaden Ham, and if they keep their promise, it will be difficult for the other team to stay at the top of that category. Although there are some wildcards here. If Georgia finds a way to land No. 1 TE Dus Robinson with their current TE commitments No. 2 Pierce Sperlin and No. 28 Lawson Lucky, the Bulldogs will win the battle at TE. But with Robinson closing in on a decision, that seems unlikely.

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Three possibilities to see: Dus Robinson, Jackson Howard, owner LG

Dus Robinson again came in at just 6.0 rated four-star TE and the No. 1 overall prospect in the position. He is as physically talented as they come in and has the ability to do a lot of playmaking on top of that. The insane part about Robinson’s talent on the football field is that he is relatively new to the game because he concentrated on other sports like baseball (where he is a potential major league baseball prospect). Her father was a Florida State football player and her mother swam in Florida, but surprisingly no program was in her top group. Watch out for Robinson’s recruitment from the fight between the USC, Georgia, Texas and Alabama in the end.

Jackson Howard could be just as good on the full package and defense as he is on the hard edge. He is the son of the head coach of his high school Willie Howard Who played on a football field at Stanford before being drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft. Howard examines all the boxes when it comes to being an elite player at the next level and he is as hardworking and humble as they are on top of it. Howard is in the final four of Minnesota, Michigan, LSU and Miami. It will be interesting to see how his assignment works and whether he eventually chooses to stay at home in Minnesota and be a hometown hero.

Owner LG has always been a special talent, but over the past year his development both physically and sportily has taken him to a whole new level. LG has shone through this entire off-season and has proven to be capable of being a matchup nightmare for the best defensive back prospects in the country. He is a big body receiver who runs flashy routes, catches the ball naturally and uses his power to beat DB 50-50. The LG Rivals also jumped 87 spots as the biggest riser on the receiver in the 250 and became the 110th player overall. While his appointments are still open and new teams will continue to enter the mix, it looks like his decision will come down to Illinois, Notre Dame, Cincinnati or Nebraska.

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