Rival Rankings Week: 2023 Athletes Broken

No. Location 1: Nyckoles Harbor

Harbor’s talent continues to be recognized, with Archbishop Carol Talent taking over as the top-rated athlete in the Five-Star Slot and Rating Updates Rivals. While college teams may see Harbor as a receiver or future tight end, others want him as a destructive edge racer who can break pockets at will.

In his junior year with the Lions, Harbor was a touchdown magnet, converting 16 receptions into five scores. Over the field, he recorded 31 tackles for the rate, including 17 sacks and 66 quarterback rushbacks.

On May 28, Harbor released its top seven in Michigan, USC, Miami, Maryland, Georgia, LSU and South Carolina. No official visit has been announced yet, but it would be a surprise to see Harbor Michigan, Maryland, LSU, Georgia and USC.


Two teams to visit: Texas and Miami

Three wizards

Trey Wisner (Rival.com)

Texas is already a big driver in the “Athlete” group, with verbal promises from four-star Trey Weisner and Ryan Nibblet. Proximity to other athletes can help add longhorns to the ride. Four of the top eight athletes are from Texas and Oklahoma: Dalton Brooks, Micah Tees, Jacob Johnson and Noble Johnson. Texas could be an in with Brooks. His cousin, Jonathan Brooks, was the tailback of the Longhorns.

South Florida is always loaded with players of great skill who can tear it to pieces on either side of the ball. Outside of high school rankings, this production has helped hurricanes for decades. This recruitment cycle could be a fantastic race for Miami, with initial promises from Robbie Washington. Also, Ja’Keem took an officer with Jackson Hurricane.

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Three possibilities to visit: Lewis Carter, Robbie Washington and Jeremiah McClure

Stay tuned for Carter. The Tampa Catholic Four-Star Athlete is an athlete with an incredible ability to influence outside of the field and in the middle. The Crusaders got 66 stops from him last season and 394 yards with five scores in just 46 carry. The two teams jumped early for Lewis’ promise, Clemson and North Carolina.

Outside of Killian High School in Miami, Washington could be the best return specialist in the country. In addition, he deserves to be talked about as one of the best wideouts. Speed, explosion and field vision make him elite… and he has hands. Miami cleverly wrapped him up in March.

McClure’s stock is expected to rise. The four-star athlete will run the route with the national powerhouse Matar Dei this autumn, making sure every college football program in the country sees him. McClure already has 17 offers, and some of the heaviest hitters on its offer list include Michigan, USC, Oregon, Utah and Tennessee.

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