Rival Camp Series: Running Back Rankings

2022 Rival Camp Series Regional stops finished and only Rival Underclassman Challenge Stay tuned, and that event will get bigger in a few weeks. This week, we take a look at the possibilities that have influenced us the most at this year’s regional events.


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1. Daylan Smothers, Charlotte RCS

They call it “Hollywood” and it’s a proper nickname because Smaddars shines on the biggest stage. The four-star running back looked smooth through drills, amazingly strong when blocking linebackers, and then he set everyone on fire during one part of the camp after another.

Whether the ball is run, blocked or caught outside the backfield, the Smudgers are the triple threat that should be so valuable to college programs. Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida State, NC State, Tennessee and others are involved.


2. Roderick Robinson, Los Angeles RCS

At 6-foot-1 and 229 pounds, Robinson was the biggest high-end running back. Rival Camp Series This offseason is but one of the most influential. The San Diego Lincoln standout in drills at the Los Angeles RCS stop was remarkable, the size of which shows amazingly flashy feet and he caught all kinds of passes at once.

The new UCLA promise is not a burner but has enough momentum to make the breakup and reach the end of the run game and he showed it during camp.

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3. Caleb Jackson, New Orleans RCS

Rock-up, physical and fast, Jackson showed all his skills at the New Orleans RCS and snatched the positional MVP honor. The four-star is basically going to run in tackle and make money that way, but he can also block because of his height.

Baton Rouge (La.) Liberty Magnet Standout is not going to leave any ground, he is a tough-nosed, tough runner and can be used as a weapon to catch him.

LSU, Texas A&M and others topped its list.


4. Javin Simpkins, Miami RCS

At the Miami RCS, Simpkins showed what made him so valuable on the field: he’s back on track with elusive and playmaking ability, and although he has a small catch radius, linebackers and defensive backs have a hard time getting his hands on him.

The former Georgia Tech Commit is a pure all-purpose back who can run the ball and take hits or line up slots and make things happen that way.

Louisville, Arkansas and Texas are the most different.


5. Darion Dupree, Indianapolis RCS

The 2024 prospect of Chicago Mount Carmel has shown excellent speed and playmaking ability in Indianapolis. Linebackers haven’t had the good fortune to keep up with Dupree, and he’s just making plays outside of backfield.

He is fast, elusive, athletic, has good hands and much more in his game as a pure running back, since he showed great legs through drills.

Since the rival camp, Dupree has seen her start recruiting with new offers from Boston College, Kansas State, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and many more.


6. Jaden Scott, Atlanta RCS

In one representation, Scott took No. 1 2024 linebacker Sammy Brown deeply and even though Brown was on strike-for-strike with him, Scott made a solid catch that was really impressive. And then Stockbridge, Ga., 2024 RB continues to do it with other linebackers, lining up in slots or coming out of the backfield and making catches all day in Atlanta. He has great route-driving ability and deceptive speed under the field to go hand in hand like a receiver.

South Carolina, Purdue, Wake Forest, Boston College and others have offered in recent weeks.


7. Cameron Davis, Atlanta RCS

During one of the highlight reels from the Atlanta RCS, a coach commented that Davis would be a 13-year NFL veteran while running a route. The promise of the state of Florida looks like this: Someone who can take the toll of a physically backward life but can also be fully productive for many years to come.

2024 Four-Star Running back from Albany (Ga.) Dougherty, can take a pound but can provide strength when blocking linebackers.

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8. Yassin Willis, Philadelphia RCS

Willis means business at the Philadelphia RCS just a few weeks ago, and was arguably the best blocker in his position during the return regional event to St. Joseph’s in Montvale (NJ).

Willis does not shy away from being big and strong, physical and average, and then blows the whistle, so everyone knows his nature as running. The three-star drills and one part after another were also impressive, but what really stood out was how strong and fierce he likes to play.

Rutgers, Syracuse and other Northeastern schools are involved, but things could go further.


9. Marquis Collins, Dallas RCS

Collins got more comfortable with the drill and in one session after another it became clear that College Station, Texas, was in line for MVP honors at the standout Dallas RCS.

The 5-foot-10, 200-pound three-star running back is an excellent and willing blocker, he showed smooth footwork through all the drills and then came out of the backfield and was deadly to catch the ball. His game doesn’t have a ton of jolts; He’s more about pounding the ball and using his blast to get open.

Baylor, Houston, Duke and others are among his finalists.


10. Payton Jones, Charlotte RCS

Had it not been for the incredible days of Dylan Smuders at Charlotte RCS, Jones would have been in the debate for MVP honors because he quietly went to every department and was brilliant. During the drill, Jones looked smooth and effortless but he stood with a particular barrier and then caught the ball during one-on-one.

An excellent root runner who can make room against anyone, Jones was brilliant in that element and was there for MVP honors.

Virginia Tech, Kentucky and others involved.


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