Rival Camp Series: Ranking of Offensive Linemen

2022 Rival Camp Series Regional stops finished and only Rival Underclassman Challenge Stay tuned, and that phenomenon will get bigger in a few weeks. This week, we take a look at the possibilities that have influenced us the most at this year’s regional events.

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1. Samson Okunlola, Philly RCS

Okunola Philly was perfectly impressive at the RCS camp and could be in one of the best offensive line camp performances in recent years. The fantastic combination of his size and agility was too much for the defenders as they could not even move Okunola.

Some tell me that we will see some big-time performances from Okunlola at the college level and his performance at the camp could be good enough for him to achieve five star status.


2. TJ Shanahan, Dallas RCS

Shanahan may have arrived a little late but his presence was felt after setting foot on the field for the second time. The five-star offensive lineman showed off his versatility from start to finish and showed that he was a strong, tough and reliable representative.

Shanahan is a throwback offensive lineman who will never go back to anyone and I like the way I came up with bad intentions in every play. Ultimately he should have a choice for any program and probably end up in the SEC.


3. Payton Kirkland, Miami RCS

If you like watching an offensive lineman enjoy whipping the defensive edge butt, your guy is Kirkland. Kirkland is a big and strong mix with a wanted dog mentality. The state of Florida is full of elite fast-paced weak pass racers and strongside edges that have made a name for themselves for hitting linemen and quarterbacks. Kirkland didn’t have it, dominating its reps across 1-on-1s.

Kirkland is one of the most sought after linemen in the country with over 50 offers. Back in April, Kirkland had already planned an official June summer tour with Oklahoma, Florida, Michigan State, Miami and Alabama. The four stars are planning to announce their commitment on July 23.


4. Miles McVeigh, Indianapolis RCS

McVay is a familiar product in the recruitment and camp scene, so it was no surprise when he left RCS Indianapolis with MVP honors. McVay used his size, strength and agility to impose his will on the opposing defenders and I’m not sure if he lost a representative that day.

McVeigh continues to improve every time I see him, and while his assignment is still in the air, don’t be surprised to see him start an aggressive tackle at the SEC in the near future.


5. Cum Pringle, Charlotte RCS

Pringle is a gifted physical specimen with size and wing span that can hug the front edge of a pickup truck. What sets Pringle apart from being a big body is its desire for dominance. He could call it but instead went to work creating optimistic defensive edges, trying to use an array of speed, arm swipe and hand combat techniques. MVP was honored and locked in Pringle.

With more than 20 offers, written in all its parts with a future all-conference performer to deal with a four-star cornerstone offensive line, Pringle is still open to the process as teams continue to drop offers. In the spring months Texas A&M, Michigan State, Ohio State, Tennessee and Auburn saw an opportunity to expand among many. The NC states, Georgia, Clemson, and South Carolina organized an unofficial tour of Pringle before leaving school for the summer.


6. Madden Sankar, Atlanta RCS

In a group loaded with absolute studs, Sankar became the brightest with MVP honors in Atlanta. South Polding Four-Star was expected to stonewall defensive tackle reps with its tactics and power. An extra bonus, he was fired for bringing some extra shakes to the camp.

Being from Peach State, when Sankar declared Michigan State, Arkansas, Louisville and Miami as official visit spots, the exclusion of Bulldogs from the list attracted the attention of the recruiting world. Sankar destroyed four and three star defenders in Atlanta wearing Louisville socks.


7. Paris Patterson, Indianapolis RCS

Every analyst and coach at the RCS Indianapolis camp site walked away wondering how the four-star Oz of East St. Louis (IL) did not have an offer list that included all national powers. How impressive Patterson was that day and if it hadn’t been for his high school teammate Miles McVeigh, Patterson would have easily walked away with the OL MVP honor that day.

Patterson is a competitor who blows the whistle through every snap and moves incredibly well in his shape. His recruitment should pick up this college camp season and if it doesn’t, some teams could get a huge steal.


8. Jamal Franklin, New Orleans RCS

Franklin wasn’t on my list of possibilities that I planned to focus on at RCS New Orleans Camp, but that didn’t stop him from making a huge impression because of his spectacular play. Franklin was impeccably impressive from time to time and also presented a huge challenge for the best defensive lineman present.

Ever since his recruitment was extended, I was surprised to learn that he had only one Power Five offer during the camp. Franklin has a big upswing and he is another player that will steal some teams as the signing day approaches.


9. Joshua Miller, Charlotte RCS

Assessing the thousands of kids at the camp, it’s really easy to tell who’s taking great positional training with the offensive linemen. In Charlotte, Miller’s personal work became brighter in his game away from the Friday night lights. From the start, as the older boys went through their drills to prepare for the showdown, Miller was on point with his turns, footwork, and hand placement.

The three-star Penn State has given the coaching staff an early Christmas gift with a verbal promise on December 20th.

Share your thoughts with Penn State fans at Nitani Nation


10. Bradin Joyner, Atlanta RCS

As a recruiting diehard, seeing the joiner at the center, Sankar is sent a lot of “key ifs” through the mind, keeping him on guard during the 1-on-1. For now, Joyner is staying home for college, verbally committed to the Crowstown Auburn Tigers, and they’re getting an unadulterated four-star.

What may be lacking in the height and spread of the wings of the participant is more than to be filled with skill and strength. It is incomparable for the ball to enter the chest of the defenders before they realize what is happening before the nose guard and tackle.


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