Rival Camp Series: Ranking of linebackers

2022 Rival Camp Series The regional stop is over and only the rival underclassman challenge remains, and that event is going to get bigger in a few weeks. This week, we take a look at the possibilities that have influenced us the most at this year’s regional events. Today we look at linebackers.

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1. Sammy Brown, Atlanta RCS

Brown came to the Atlanta rival camp with high expectations and there were no linebackers who performed well this spring. Brown is an outstanding athlete who has no problem running in the open field. He did a great job of keeping pace with the running back in 1-on-1 seconds and showed just how physical and effective he can be during a pass rashing drill. High-ranking 2024 prospects are in no hurry to announce a commitment, but keep an eye on programs like Georgia, Tennessee, Clemson and more.


2. Christopher Jones, Philadelphia RCS

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Jones has gotten better and better this offseason and his MVP performance at the rival camp outside of Philadelphia was his best performance. The 2024 Rival 250 prospect is quite physical and did a good job using it to its advantage during the 1-on-1 and passed the drill quickly. Jones would hold on well when combined with a small, moving back in the open field, demonstrating his patience and ability to react quickly. With one more year of high school left, Jones has the potential to grow his stock even further if he continues on this development track.


3. Jordan Lockhart, Los Angeles RCS

With such a huge potential, Lockhart has gone really well against some impressive running back talent in the open field. Los Angeles rival Camp MVP knew how to disrupt routes and make life difficult for quarterbacks looking for an open receiver. Even with the star-studded cast of quarterbacks at that camp, Lockhart was able to create several plays on the ball before the quarterbacks began paying special attention to him.

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4. S’Maje Burrell, Dallas RCS

S'Maje Burell

S’Maje Burell (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

At the Dallas rival camp, Burrell leaned on his height and length and brought the MVP award. During the 1-on-1, Burrell did an excellent job of getting his hands on the backs of the Scrimmage line and knocking them off the route. He had part of the pass breakup and he looked like a linebacker who should have gotten better as he turned physically. After committing to Texas just a few days before camp, Burrell had some goals on his back but he stood the test of time.

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5. Killan Salter, Dallas RCS

Salter, who almost defeated Barrell for the Dallas rival Camp MVP award, is not as big as Burrell but his speed is a bit high and very fast. He used his long arm to his advantage in 1-on-1 and made it difficult for quarterbacks to fit their passes into tight windows. Salter is a very good athlete who has done well in coverage and has done a good job adapting to the pace of the competition. He closes the ball well and the college coach is going to count him as an asset of coverage at the next level.


6. Carson Dean, Dallas RCS

Carson Dean

Carson Dean (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Another big linebacker, Dean Dallas leaned towards his physique during the rival camp. Basically good at four-star coverage and has done a great job of getting your hands on the ball and running it from the back arm. Dean’s speed matched that of almost any other race, and while running, he showed that he could overcome them.

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7. Ben Cutter, Charlotte RCS

Cutter stuffed the stat sheet in his junior season and that success led Charlotte to rival camp with MVP performances. His measurable things aren’t overly impressive, but it’s not important on a camp day. The cut was all over the field during the 1-on-1 but he really caught everyone’s eye during the drill running in the pass. He is fascinated by his strength and average blazing technique. Although Cutter’s hiring hasn’t stopped, the linebacker inside North Carolina is in line for a productive college career.


8. Caleb Spencer, Charlotte RCS

Caleb Spencer

Caleb Spencer (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

There is a lot to like about Spencer as a prospect and he almost won the MVP award at the Charlotte rival camp. The Oklahoma Promise is a great safety that is expected to fill his frame and move to the outer linebacker, and that defensive back experience has helped him shine during the 1-on-1. Spencer has a great sense of coverage and it helped him get out of the backfield. He did a great job and they landed on the field while running with the receiver but he was still within reach so he could drop the pass.

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9. Torian York, Dallas RCS

Torian York

Torian York (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

York is on the small side but he has shown a lot of patience in terms of coverage and it has helped him create a lot of isolation for the receivers. Baylor Commit has good straight line speeds and its tight coverage forced quarterback to oust the receiver on multiple occasions. York did a good job of playing physically when he could and it helped him throw time between the receiver and the quarterback. He had a lot of success during the blazing drills and he knows how to consistently go backfield.

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10. Geral Blue, Jr., Miami RCS

Geral Blue, Jr.

Geral Blue, Jr. (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Blue, the linebacker MVP at Miami Rival Camp, showed physical traits that could turn him into a force at the linebacker at the Power Five level. In the open field he has straight line speeds that match the back of almost any race and can find any throwing window quarterback near him. Blue Down Field has done a good job of sticking with the running backs on the route and the quarterbacks have played on the ball when it did not expect it. The blue has a lot of potential and it will be interesting to track its development towards the end of this summer and in the autumn.

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