Rival Camp Series Philadelphia: Probability Predicts Prediction

Analysts, publishers and fans at Rival.com are predicting what they think will happen to colleges across the country using the FutureCast tool, but we decided to ask ourselves this weekend. Rival Camp Series In Philadelphia.

Sort: State of Ohio

Why: “I talked to her and she said she liked it a lot.” – Tamaras Walker

Sort: Maryland

Why: “I don’t really know, I’m just guessing, but it’s home.” – Anthony Little


Sort: Penn State

Why: “Basketball dude? He’s going to be a ‘we’ man. He went there too much not to like it.” – Jordan Siton

Sort: Pittsburgh

Why: “You have to look at the player’s trends. When you look at Twitter, you see a lot of Pittsburgh on his Twitter.” – Anwar O’Neill


Sort: Penn State

Why: “He’ll be there with them and maybe at some other school.” – Kyle Altuner

Sort: Kentucky

Why: “I think it was a good fit there. Because I know my ex-teammate told me why I go there, so I know he’s hiring her a lot, so I think he’ll go to Kentucky.” – O’Neill


Sort: Rutgers

Why: “Chop. Chop. He has a good relationship with the D-line coach and when we talk he might give him a homely feeling. I think he can go there.” – Siton

Sort: Northwest

Why: “She’s on tour there now and she really likes them.” – Walker

Sort: Penn State

Why: “I’d probably say Penn State or one of those big schools.” – Altuner

Sort: Penn State

Why: “I think Penn State is where he’s going. They have a great pipeline from Curtis Jacobs a few years ago. Penn State is always getting those McDong boys.” – Braden Lee

Sort: Penn State

Why: “They’re getting a lot of commits lately.” – O’Neill


Sort: Georgia

Why: “He can go to Georgia. I just think he’s going there.” – Walker

Sort: Georgia

Why: “I don’t know where CD is going, he’s quiet, but Jordan Davis (Georgia) will be right for him when he gets out of there, but I have no idea at the moment.” – James Hard

Sort: Ole Miss

Why: “If Ole Miss was on her top list, I’d say Ole Miss because I saw her there and we had an interesting talk.” – Siton

Sort: Penn State or Georgia

Why: “Penn State or Georgia. They’re big defensive schools. If I knew I had to play D-Tackle or D-Line, I could probably go to PSU or Georgia.” – Be patient

Sort: Penn State

Why: “I think Penn State would be good for him.” – O’Neill

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