Rival Camp Series in Atlanta: Teams should be happy

Atlanta – The final regional stop Rival Camp Series Was held in Georgia last weekend and saw a bunch of top regional prospects. The five teams here should be happy based on what employers have said and how they have accomplished top goals and commitments.


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Bradin Joyner

Bradin Joyner (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

No one can argue that Auburn went through some rough patches earlier this year when it came to the future. Brian Harsin And the status of the program. Sunday, though, you can never say it happened. Among the prospects for the presence were rumors about Harsin’s faith and his vision for Auburn’s future.

It certainly helps, to have a chance like Bradin Joyner and work for you on the way to recruitment. Not only did the participant feel good on the field to give Auburn Faithful something to laugh at, but he also revealed that he was working behind the scenes to do something for the Tigers. It all starts with the Alabama State Joyner and Auburn staff and should be kept at the talent house.

Only time will tell how effective everyone will be in pushing the War Eagle brand, but they seem to have avoided the off-season hustle and bustle. Faith is a powerful recruiting tool, and the Tigers seem to be getting it back in some of the best prospects in the Southeast.

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Cavian Henderson

Cavian Henderson

Oklahoma is not necessarily a team you would expect to see listed for a camp in the southeast, but a new coach Brent Venebles Oklahoma has made a concerted effort to establish goldsmiths in the footsteps of relatively new recruits for the program. Look no further than buzz among some of Alabama’s top 2024 prospects to see how that message resonates.

Rival 100 prospects Cavion Henderson and Jillian Embaque had nothing but positive things to say about the new Suners staff and their recent experience at Norman. Creating a new initial field for recruitment may not only happen overnight, but early rumors from Atlanta at least show that the efforts of Venables and his staff are not proving to be a failure.

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Florida State

Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis

It’s up for a big year ahead Mike Norwell And the Seminoles program in the field. Off the field they are still doing what a Norvel staff has been able to do year after year: hiring with relentless intent. Their 2024 running back commit, Cameron Davis, was one of the more impressive prospects on the field in the afternoon session and Caldrick Fock looked like one of the boys in the morning session.

The state of Florida is in the throes of that recruitment because of the relationship that Norwell and his staff have been able to build with Alabama prospects. A big year on the field will really help push the Florida State Program forward.

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Sam Pitman

Sam Pitman (AP Photo)

Sam Pitman A head coach whose name always gets high praise from prospects when talking about the Razorbacks program. It was no different in Atlanta. Pitman has a way of believing in his program so that everyone wants to follow Headman to the front – and that’s powerful.

After visiting Fayetteville the buzz in the prospect was constant how they could not believe everything was going on there and what the Razorbacks had to offer. The prospects could not wait to return to campus, and for two main reasons, but perhaps nothing more than their belief in the vision that Pitman has set.

Arkansas’ ability to tap into states like Alabama and Georgia has gone far into the depths of the roster, and after Atlanta – and heard from multiple prospects – Razorbacks should be satisfied with their efforts so far in Pitman’s tenure.

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Dabo Suini

Dabo Sweeney (AP Photo)

Armor for a chink Dabo Suini And his Clemson Tiger program? Atlanta did not get this feeling among the best in the country. The family environment that Clemson staff provides when there is a possibility on campus tends to hit home. Clemson is a key player in hiring multiple top performers on the day.

Also, as the Tigers prepare for the weekend of a major official tour in early June, there will be no shortage of top-level talent to move to South Carolina. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Clemson must now take the positivity that came out of Atlanta on Sunday and turn it into a promise.

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