Rival Camp Series: Defensive Back Ranking

2022 Rival Camp Series Regional stops finished and only Rival Underclassman Challenge Stay tuned, and that phenomenon will get bigger in a few weeks. This week, we’re taking a position-based look at what prospects have influenced us the most at this year’s regional events.

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1. Avieon Terrell, Atlanta RCS

Terrell is silky smooth as a cornerback, his buttocks upside down and running and although he is not yet the strongest cornerback, the four stars of Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake are always in the receiver’s butt pocket. There is no foolish terrier who does not bite the double rice, seems to know all the tricks and can then stick his hand in there to chase the hand away.


2. I have Snowden, Indianapolis RCS

I love Snowden

Snowden to me (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

We’ll see if Snowden stays in the cornerback in the long run or if he leaves safely as he can certainly affect other positions of defense. Roseville, Mitch, has a standout length, a smooth backpadal and then he can break on the ball to make it really hard for the receivers. Size is not an issue, length is not an issue and then Snowden has a great time and vision to block the pass or move it away from the receiver.


3. Wardel Mac, New Orleans RCS

The Mac can mirror receivers, stay with them through their route, and then deflect the pass, or take steps in front of it to prevent the whole path from becoming too easy. Marrero (La.) John Ehret from 2024 is likely to be physical when he wants to be but Mac is the best when he can turn and run with the receiver and then make it difficult for the receiver to jump or turn his head just in time.


4. Omilio Aguard, Philadelphia RCS

Omilio Agard

Omilio Aguard (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Philadelphia (PA) St. Joseph’s 2024 four-star cornerback is never going to be a big, fat, physical player but Agard is unlikely to be in the position to play with bouncy athletics. He can keep the football at a high-point and Agard also does a great job of letting the receiver go through his route and then picking it up with his foot in front of the pass. Agard plays with confidence, he is great when it comes to not being over the top, he is physical and coming forward to play on the ball at the last second.


5. Antonio Cotman, Charlotte RCS

One thing that stands out in Kotman’s game is the unbridled intensity of the position. Chester (Va.) Likes to chirp with the Christian Academy’s four-star cornerback receiver, likes to play hard, thinks he can succeed, and with the receivers going through their route, Kotman is really smooth and then he plays a ball. Cotman is not going to be quiet on the football field but needs this kind of game to reach his potential. As success builds for Kotman, he simply becomes more confident and plays better.


6. Justin Rate, Los Angeles RCS

Justin Rate

Justin Rate

Georgia Commit is a physical cornerback who relies on moving receivers away from their route, sidelining them and restricting their space to play on the ball. Rhett has good speed but his best feature is playing with physical nature. In SEC, Rhett has to be tough with the receiver on the scrimmage line and make every step down the field harder. Once the ball gets there, Rate always has the power to get his hands on it.

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7. Taishan Wilson, Dallas RCS

The Houston (Texas) Made Creek Four-Star is not the longest cornerback and has no elite length, but Wilson physically knocks the receiver out of their way and then has an extra gear on the ball to catch if he is one step behind to make a play. Wilson also showed his resilience and returned to the 1-on-1 session after being injured during camp when he didn’t need to show anything more.


8. Brayshon Williams, Miami RCS

Many times, 2024 four-star safety matched up against four-star receiver James Madison during one-on-one sessions, and Williams did an excellent job. When the receiver tries to get inside, Williams steps forward, on the way back, the 2024 recruit breaks the ball and pushes or rips it off, and Williams stays on any deep ball that was slightly underthrown. Tip it away.


9. Smith Snowden, Los Angeles RCS

Smith Snowden

Smith Snowden (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

From a technical standpoint, from the backpadal, braking on the ball, not holding but being able to re-route the receivers, Snowden was great against some of the top receivers in Los Angeles. Not only does his game sound sound at all levels but Snowden can make some highlight dramas and he’s just a reliable cornerback who’s not going to take unnecessary chances or hold on the whole way.


10. Bu Carter, Philadelphia RCS

Boo Carter

Bu Carter (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

One of the best-looking athletes in the entire Rivals Camp series, Chattanooga (Ten.) Chattanooga Christian School Standout is a multi-position player who looked great during a Philadelphia stop. He’s fat and physical, he can run with the receiver and since he also plays multiple positions on offense he’s not stupid in what his opponent is trying to do. Carter has an extra gear he can find when grounding the receiver and passing knock. In college, Carter wants to play receiver or corner, but coming out of the backfield is also a possibility.

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