Rival Camp Series: Award Winners from Atlanta

Its the final stop Rival Camp Series Before Rival Underclassman Challenge A star-studded event was held in Atlanta on Sunday. The top talents across the region put on clits to take the best from the best. Here’s a brief look at some of the top performers at the event – who have won the Rights Award.

Most accurate: Julian Lewis

Lewis will soon be a family name for fans of college football recruiting. Another rising star outside Carrollton (Ga.) High School, Lewis Varsity has already submitted 11 offers before taking action.

Going through rehearsals against a committed quarterback committed to the top Power Five program, Lewis was in his element and was as good as anyone else regardless of age. Lewis drilled so well into the fundamentals that he was shown excellent footwork and throwing mechanics that helped him identify pig skin throughout the day, especially during 1-on-1.


Physical Sample: Cameron Davis

Florida State fans have reason to be happy that Davis has joined their 2024 class. Davis has been building the muscle that came during the linebackers’ practice against lifting the blitz. In a surprise of the day, Davis distinguished himself from other tailbacks who were safe and on the pass against linebackers; He is more than a force back with speed.

Davis is a competitor 100 talents for all the right reasons and those abilities were verbally committed to Seminole in February 2021. Programs are set to hire Davis, who has made about 40 offers despite Seminoles’ promises.

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Stock Booster: Antoine Hill, Jr..

It may take a few more months for Heel to push for hype and recruitment, but it will be well worth it after his performance on Sunday. 2025 Houston County (Ga.) Started slowly through the quarterback drill but found its grove, especially when connecting to the receiver against the top defensive back, increasing its stock.

Hill has already received offers from Pete, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Arkansas and Georgia.


Stock Booster II: Sacovi White

Taking them deep, breaking ankles on the way back, and dragging defenders across the field, White Sunday did everything a bit and styled. Discussions began on the field after seeing his performance, White started the day as an unknown relative but kept his stock growing. The size of a prototype inner receiver, White also has an extended second gear for burning angles on the outside.

Expect college scouts to make a trip to Cass High School in Cartersville to follow White. Programs in Troy, Florida A&M and Maryland are taking a step back on its hiring.


Quiet killer: Tevis Metcalfe

If Metcalfe hadn’t knocked a pass away he was hauling one of the equally discouraged quarterbacks and receiver. So it seemed that at every other opportunity during the 1-on-1, the MetCoff was heading towards the challenge that anyone would dare to stand in line. His backpadal, hips, and explosive speed were the shadow of the optimistic receiver representative after representative.

Metcalfe received an invitation to the rival Underclassman Challenge through his performance on Sunday. His play on Friday brought three proposed offers to Alabama prospects, seeing his next-level skills already in Jackson State, Alabama A&M and Arkansas.


Mr. Strength: Jack Lutrell

Lutrell had a worm against the receiver, got a great jam and opened his hips covering any and all opponents. In addition to taking as many raps as possible in defense, he overturned the script to take rips on the receiver. Lining up on the other side of the ball lets Lutrell see how athletic he looks at the part of the FBS receiver.

Pitch State talent committed to Tennessee last summer.

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Wonder of the day: Payton Lange

The football world is known for producing huge size friends, but Lange is in a completely different universe. The Minehaha Academy offensive lineman surprised everyone with his huge size measuring 6-feet, 9-inches, 375 pounds. Big is a thing, but Lange is not a statue; He can move. He has made the state of Minnesota proud through his efforts against some of the best defensive linemen in the country.

Lange has entered the camp without an offer but that will change quickly as the college camp circuit rounds this summer.


Future events: Nikolai Brooks

One has to be sorry for opposing high school defensive linemen against Brooks for the next three years. Brooks is already 6-feet, 7-inches and 300 pounds north of the big. Developing skills show his two to three year old going against senior players. Far from a finished product, still, Brooks is fascinated by his kick step, lateral movement, and long arms throwing cold passes at their tracks.

Cornerstone’s offensive tackle makes Brooks a unique prospect, rare. College teams will fight Brooks until he is reluctant. Penn State, Georgia Tech, Auburn and Georgia have already made an offer in their huge hands.


Tough guy: Bradin Joyner

The offensive linemen were pumped from the moment they set foot on the field on Sunday. The group looked ready to bring the spotlight to their side of the offensive line and Joyner was a ringleader who overwhelmed his peers with his play. As the Trench Hagra 1-on-1 stretch won their battle, the Yogers were among the best in appearance with off the nose guard and defensive tackle. With each winning delegate, the participant verbally informed the loser who the boss was.

The way he dominated Joiner was no big surprise, above all he was the top center in the 2023 class. Good news for Auburn fans, the talent from Hometown Auburn High School wants to stay home for college to play for the Tigers.

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Mr. Confidence: Ja’Qualin Birdsong

No fear and talk about bringing heat from the edge, that guy was there to defend in the early part of the Birdsong camp. Nowhere near the biggest man on the field, Birdsong has brought his sports brand to the camp as a spark plug of strength and has finally won again and again despite the delegates lining up against him.

Recruitment stocks continue to rise for the 2024 rival 250 Defenders. Demonstrating his skills with Georgia Troop County High School, Birdsong has initial offers from Notre Dame, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Georgia Tech.

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