Rival Camp Series Atlanta: Prospects Promise Prediction

At the star Rival Camp Series At the event in Atlanta, competing staff asked several possibilities where they thought 2023 would commit some of the top possibilities of the class. Here are their predictions.

Ryqueze McElderry: “I’d say ours (Georgia) or Ohio State.”

Walt Claire Flynn, Jr.: “Probably Georgia. He’s a Georgian man, really. I think it suits him.”

Bradin joins: “Georgia.”

Madden Sankar: “I know I think he’s a Doug in mind, but I can see him left. His father, you know, inherited Georgia. I think I see him just running for it. Nick Soap


Justin Green: “I’m going to Georgia. It’s very close. He’s actually in my county.”

Flynn: “Probably Notre Dame. I don’t know, it’s just a feeling.”

Joiner: “Georgia.”

Shankar: “It’s tough because I know he likes Georgia too. I’m sure he’s in the Clemson mix too. It really depends on him. Personally, I think I’d call him Georgia.”


Flynn: “Probably the state of Ohio.”

Joiner: “Georgia. I think that’s her best fit right now. She loves Georgia.”

Shankar: “Clemson Lock. He’s just there, I can tell. If he doesn’t go to Clemson, I’ll see him in North Carolina.”

Kevin Henderson: “Probably go to Alabama. He’s an in-state guy, they hire hard.”


Joiner: “Bama, easy. She goes to Thompson.”

Shankar: “I thought Bama. I’d say Texas A&M, I’ll go opposite Bradin.”

Henderson: “Texas A&M. It was Alabama, but I feel like Texas A&M for him. Texas A&M 50 percent for him, Florida 50 percent, but probably Texas A&M.”


Flynn: “I thought Clemson, but the D-line coach (Todd Bates) Went to Oklahoma. Probably they are. “

Joiner: “Bama.”

Shankar: “Bama, 100 percent. He’s a Bama boy.”

Henderson: “That’s my son. Alabama Lock. He just visits a lot there. Every time I go there, I see him there.”

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