Rival 250 DE James Hard committed to WVU

West Virginia rivals continued their hot streak of recruitment by adding 250 defenders and James Hard. The Camden, NJ star had been leaning towards mountaineers for some time.

“I’m committed to West Virginia because it makes me fit as a defensive player,” Hard said. “Their scheme is something I know I can do to rush with me and sometimes go down coverage. I plan to take it to the next level. I trust coach Leslie and how he plays defensively. I love it. Everything about it. Here.

“I’m really close to all of the staff,” he said. “Coach Scott, Running Back Coach, Coach Leslie and Coach Brown, we all talk a lot. It’s like a family affair here.

“We (Josiah Trotter, Richard” Wink, James and Hard “have been talking about this for months,” Hard said. “We all knew our reunion would take place in West Virginia. It certainly played a role, the players I was coming up with and the next year with Wink. I think it played a huge role in knowing that your team would have a familiar face.”

“I (Rodney Gallagher’s promise) was on the inside,” he said. “I actually thought he was going to finish it later but he felt comfortable doing it now and making a huge announcement last week. I’m glad to announce this this week. Get it. “

Heard is a big time pass racer who should help the West Virginia defense early in his career. He’s not the biggest defensive end but he’s not the smallest so he needs to be physically mature before watching significant play time. Heard is now the third four-star player for the West Virginia 2023 class and with Rodney Gallagher, their second rival is 250 chances so far.

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