Rival 250 CB Cain Lee Nebraska Official, Breaking Upcoming Visit

A busy summer is just beginning for rival Corner Cain Lee.

The former Georgia pledge began its official tour with a trip to Nebraska in the first weekend of June. Oregon and Ohio State will receive officials later this summer, with work still to be done in Oklahoma and Miami. Lee plans to commit to early signature day this December.

Rivals got acquainted with Lincoln to go deeper into what he liked about his tour and other top schools of his recruitment.

What Nebraska did to earn an official visit: “It was kind of the thing, it’s different there. They’ve got great NIL opportunities, you can meet great people there and I can build relationships. I want to take care of my family. ”

About the NIL conversation on the tour: “We went through different types of NIL. I did it when I first came here. We talked about a lot more of it and the different opportunities I have and the different brands, the things I’m more interested in. I can. ”

What stands out most about Nebraska Ovi: “Of course I’m chatting with the coaches and the players. I didn’t know there was so much, I thought it was just football but you can have fun there. We went out to eat. Me and the players, we really kicked it.”

He spends time with the players and their message: “(Defensive back Javier Morton), (Security) Miles farmer, (In the corner Quinton Newsome) It was different and there are some great opportunities. Instructor (Travis Fisher, DBs) is there, he knows what he’s doing. He has played in the league for nine years and has been in college for some time. He knows what he’s doing, he’s been putting the boys in the league for the last few years, in the first, second, third round. He clearly knows what he is doing. He’s trying to get us down here and get some more opportunities, that’s the thing. ”

On coach Travis Fisher: “She’s different. You can look her in the eye and you can talk to her about anything. You can talk to her about anything, you can ask her about anything. She’s got you. Whatever she is. Why stay behind you, wrong or right. ”

Fisher standing in the NFL background: “Yeah, of course, because he knows what he’s talking about. He’s there.”

On the Nebraska tradition of giving defensive backs in the NFL: “I mean it’s great or whatever. It shows me that they do it and everything, but I’m trying to create my own legacy. I know there are no Jim Thorpe Award winners out there, so if I go there That’s what I’m trying to do. ”

In Nebraska’s program: “The program itself is different because it’s Nebraska. It’s the only one out there, literally, for people to see. All eyes are on you, so that’s what stands out the most.”

How special it is to be the only show in town: “In Nebraska, you show. Whether you’re in a store or across the street, walking down the street, people know who you really are, yes, in buildings and things.”

Scott Frost: “She knows what kind of person I am. She can see it. I know as a child I don’t see everything, but she has a big picture so she can see things like what I can do there. She thinks it’s a great option, but He is not imposing it on me. He says he will never force it on me. He wants me to take all my visits and things that way. He just wants me to make the best decision that is right for me. “

In the state of Ohio: “It’s a Georgia pipeline going down there, so I’ve got some confidence there. I’ve got some really raw input so I can get things true and things like that. It’s (with great coaching).Tim WaltonSecondary / CB) Down, Coach Pat (Miguel PatrickDefensive quality control analyst and former head instructor at Lee’s Cedar Grove High School in Georgia).

On Oregon: “It’s Oregon, it speaks for itself. I can come there and play now.”

In Oklahoma: “I don’t really know much about Oklahoma. I’m taking an unofficial first.”

In Miami: “To see it Ed Reed(Secondary coach Jahmile Adde) Was already in Georgia, so I have some people. ”

Relationships are playing a huge role in Lee’s appointment. He has built strong relationships with Fisher, Frost and Nebraska staff. He was once committed to new Oregon coach Dan Lanning during his time as Georgia’s defensive coordinator. There is Patrick of Ohio State, who once led Lee’s high school program to the state title. It’s too early to call it a single favorite, but these relationships are sitting in a good position especially these three schools.

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