Rival 100 OT Samson Okunola talks about the top nine and summer travel plans

Oregon- “The benefits are really great,” Okunlola said. “They have new people there and the new staff is really great. It’s a Nike hot spot there too. The coach and I saw the Mon tape during my (private) tour there. We talked a lot about football and got it. See how they personally are.”

Michigan State- “I probably have a chance to start there early,” he said. “Mel Tucker and Coach Cap are good guys and they’re making really good programs there. There’s a good staff and I talk to them a lot.”

Oklahoma- “I really love coach Badenbagh,” Okunlola said. “A bunch of his guys from Oklahoma have been drafted. They have a new staff but Badenbagh has been there for some time. Coaching stability is a big issue for me too.”

Alabama- “It’s Bama,” he said. “They’re always going to win national championships. Going to a winning program and winning has a value. You’re always trying to live up to or exceed that value. It’s a good thing to be close to those who want to work.”

Miami- “They have a head coach and an offensive line coach in a really offensive line game,” Okunlola said. “They’re technicians. I could get a good education there, and staying in Miami is a hot spot.”

Georgia- “They’ve just won a national championship,” he said. “I have a really good connection to the offensive line circle they have with GA and Coach Cereals.”

Florida “I really like their two offensive line coaches,” Okunlola said. “With two offensive line coaches, you’ll always be able to do your job. I’ll probably have a chance to start early too. They’re a little low on offensive line numbers. They’re good up. And the program is coming.”

Penn State- “They’re a little closer to home for me,” he said. “I love Coach Trottwen and he’s a good coach. I’ve talked to Coach Franklin. They have a very good staff and I have a good relationship with them.”

Ohio State- “These are another school I’m leaning towards,” Okunlola said. “They also have a good offensive line coach. Paris (Johnson) is going to get a draft this year so I might have a chance to start. I can get a great education there too.”

On his upcoming visit- “I’ll release it when the date is final, but there’s something going on,” he said. “From now until the end of July, Michigan State, Alabama and Miami will receive official visits. I’m working on one more thing but I’m still not sure.”

This is the volume about the pursuit of Ocunlola in Michigan State, Alabama and Miami. Ohio State and Penn State are very serious competitors. Oregon gained some momentum during its travels to Eugene last month, but with the Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida tours it needs to get its attention, otherwise they could lag far behind the rest. Okunlola is not in a hurry to make a decision, but he makes a promise whenever he feels the need.

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