Rival 100 OL Chase Bissantis broke his top five competitors

Rival 100 offensive lineman Chase Bissantis has narrowed down his list of favorites and official visits are coming. Ramsey (NJ) Don Bosco breaks his shortlist with star rival dotcom

Georgia “That tour was really, really good,” Bisontis said. “I was able to meet all the coaches. It was my first time down there, the first time I was in Athens. I was able to meet Coach Searles, Coach Fran Brown, who was at Rutgers so I had a little relationship with him. It was definitely good.”

LSU- That tour was good, “he said.” I love coach Davis, the offensive line coach. I think we have a very good connection. There are many similarities between us. I have known Coach Kelly since he was at Notre Dame. “

Michigan State- “I love Coach Cap and Coach Tucker,” Bisontis said. “I have a good relationship with them. I will have teammates like Jalen Burger and Zeno Vandemark, who live in Jersey.”

Ratgar- “I trust them,” he said. “I really do. I’ve been to Rutgers unofficially ten times and it was fun. Coaching Aussie Hoffman to be the offensive line coach definitely makes me see and make me more interested. It’s going really well.”

Texas A&M- “I love Coach Adajio,” Bisontis said. “I think he’s like a real coach there. He also has a great background as head coach at other big colleges and he’s put a lot of boys in the league. He just had the best recruiting class in the country.”

What happens next in his appointment- “My official tour is really coming out very soon,” he said. “I want to make a commitment in July but I don’t have a specific date. I’m going to make a commitment before the start of my senior season.”

Bisontis hopes to finish his appointment and then focus on his senior season. Each of these schools is already hosted by Bisontis so he is already fairly familiar with each of them. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to each of his official visits. The state of Michigan had speed early on but now the race has become much tougher. Rutgers is a serious competitor for Bisontis and the pull to stay at home is very real for him but Georgia, LSU, and Texas A&M have had a big impact earlier this year. It would be surprising if Byzantine still remained irresistible until mid-July.

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