Rival 100 EDGE Eddie Houston responds to Clemson offer, speaks to top school

Eddie Houston is emerging as one of the top EDGE prospects in the 2024 class.

The Bufford High School product offers selections from Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, and more. Her latest offer from Clemson came on June 1st.

The Houston Tigers spoke to rivals about that offer, as well as some of the schools that stood by him the most at the time of his appointment.

On Clemson: “I didn’t do a camp there, I did an informal visit. I’d like to go there and see the school before camping and see what it has to offer. My tour guide was great. All around, just good programs.”

Offers from the Tigers: “It was the coach (Dabo) Sweeney That offers me. I was shocked half the time because he told us in the middle. I was just shocked. He didn’t really push like Clemson, Clemson, Clemson. It was as if he had made an offer, but he wanted me to go where it was best for me. He’s going to tell me Clemson because he’s there, but he really wants me to go where he’s best for me. “

On Georgia: “I grew up watching Georgia because I’m originally from Atlanta. Kirby is smart“A great coach, bringing in great players and great coaches to help the players.”

Where the Bulldogs are hiring him: “In the middle of Georgia they want me to be three-technique or go out as Jack. Probably, they want me to play like them. Travan Walker, Keep me inside but I can run outside. I’m gaining weight. I just spent time (defensive line coach) Tray ‘scott’Room and Coach D (Chidera ujo-diribeOut of linebacker coaches).

Defensive end development in the state of Ohio: “It’s crazy. D-end like the Bosa brothers they made, Chase YoungStill in the NFL, the contribution of all of them at the primary level, it’s just crazy. ”

If Ohio State sees him growing to a 4-3 defensive end: “Yeah, they’re going to see me as an outsider. I’m not sure if they’ll bring me in, but that’s probably not the way they’re talking.”

Coach of Ohio State: “Since they’ve just got a new coaching staff, I see some people just coming and going. Perry (Eliano)Security) one of them, Larry Johnson (Defensive line) is the main. They are the main two. (Johnson) Calm down, he doesn’t brag about having too many kids in the NFL. Just calm down, I want to tell you, not how good you are but what you can do when you are out of season. “

In Alabama: “They want me as an outside linebacker, and I will. Nick Saban is a great guy, similar to his players. He is calm and quiet in meetings when he talks to you, but he snaps and turns when he’s on the field. Be. A different one. “

Comparison of a player from Crimson Tide: “They have compared me to Will Anderson. That means I have to keep working to live up to that standard, thinking I can be one of them.”

In his summer plans: “Right now, I’m just trying to stick with Bufford at the moment. I don’t want to miss too much practice. I could make a trip to Florida on Saturday or something like that, but now I’m just trying to get ready with my team.”

His commitment to the timeline: “Still trying to feel it. After my junior year of football, that’s when I’ll start preparing for my top ten.”

Georgia has emerged as one of Houston’s favorites. The player development and relationship with the coaching staff is clearly resonating with Houston at the moment. Each top school has sent quality defensive lines and EDGE prospects to the NFL in recent years, so it would be interesting to see which coaching staff ties best with Houston. Clemson could find himself acting as a serious competitor after being offered to move to the Houston campus.

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