Rival 100 DE Vic Barley talks to the top schools ahead of the summer visit.

Vic Barley has a busy summer in front.

The recruitment process is coming to a close for the most coveted defensive end of the 2023 class. Rival 100 prospects have official tours of Tennessee (end of May), Michigan State (June 3-5), Georgia (June 10-12), and Ohio State (June 24-26). Barley will also make an official visit to Clemson for a game this fall.

On Georgia: “We really want you, that’s their main message. They’re always in touch with me saying, ‘Hey, we care about you, we want you.’ They just ask about what’s going on in a normal day. Near. ”

In Tennessee: “I probably talk to them four times a week. (Their message is) We want you here. You will be a special part of this group that we can really build around you.”

On Clemson: “Their message is really, D-Line U. If you want to improve, you come here. Now they’re comparing me to Miles Murphy. A little more versatile, down the line.”

In the state of Ohio: “It’s a legacy that they have a really good defensive lineman. Nick Bosa, Joey Bosa, Chase Young to name a few. It’s really different.”

When he wants to commit: “Probably early in the season.”

Georgia, Tennessee and Clemson have long seemed to be at the forefront of hiring barley. It still seems so. A program to watch, however, is Ohio State. The Buckeyes tradition of sending top-pass racers to the NFL appeals to Barley, and he thinks he can fit well into the Ohio State defense as a 4-3 defensive end.

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